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Get some holiday snow on your computer screen

It's the holidays, in case you hadn't noticed. You've decorated the tree, hung some lights outside and probably have some LED-flashing snowmen somewhere around the house. So how about that Mac? Here's a look at some free and inexpensive apps that will give your monitor that holiday glow. Let it ...

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Top 10 subtle Mountain Lion features (and a few more)

Lifehacker has put together a list of what they call the "top 10 secret features of Mountain Lion." That's not quite right -- these features aren't secret, because it would be pretty silly to release an OS update and not tell anyone about it. But they are subtle, and this is a nice list of feat...

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Donate your (Kiwi-only) desktop to charity

Got a high tolerance for advertising? Want to give a little something back to the world without a lot of effort? If you live in New Zealand, check out Donate Your Desktop. Each day, the app will download a new image from a sponsor to your desktop. A portion of your ad impressions (75% of revenu...

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Daily Mac App: Magic Window

If you're tired of looking at that stale Mac OS desktop, think about adding Magic Window to your visual bag of tricks. Magic Window, available through the Mac App Store for US$2.99 (on sale) comes with 14 striking landscapes that change over time, so you see the skies change and the sun might...

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iSight Screensavers: Interact with your screensaver

Some of you may have noticed that some of your screensavers don't work after upgrading to Snow Leopard. If you're running a 64-bit instance of the operating system, you won't be able to use most of your old third-party screensavers because they're probably not compatible. Many of our favorite scre...

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1001: A really cool Flickr client

The old adage that 'a picture is worth 1000 words' is still going nice and strong. Considering the sheer number of pictures that Flickr is hosting these days, that could be a lot of stories to sift through - why not try out a desktop app to help with all the work? 1001 is a unique Flickr client f...

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plasq releases free Sqreensavers

plasq, developers of the hit Comic Life, have released a package of 10 screensavers for your Mac. They are funky, they are fun, and best of all they are free. Now, I know what you're thinking, 'who cares about screensavers?' This is a matter or personal taste, but I would venture that these are some...

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