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Firefox 9.0 offers Mac OS X Lion gesture support

Firefox 9 is out now (the public page hasn't been updated yet as of this writing, but the build is available from official links already), and while that in itself isn't really big news (the uberpopular browser updates all the time, and plenty of people have already chosen to use Chrome or anot...

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Poll: Lion's "natural scrolling" vs. "reverse scrolling"

One of the first things that new users of OS X Lion are apt to either completely love or hate with a passion is the change to "natural scrolling." This is like scrolling on an iPad or iPhone -- when you use two fingers to swipe down on a trackpad, whatever you're scrolling moves in a downward d...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help revert scrolling to normal

Dear Aunt TUAW, I hate Lion's new reverse scrolling feature. I mean I really really really really really really really really really hate it. Fix it for me and I'll buy you prune juice. Your loving niece, Sophie Dear Sophie, Auntie's still new to Lion but Uncle Steve was quick to t...

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TUAW's Daily App: Sky Combat

I can't say that I'd call a top-down arcade shooter the best fit for the iPhone's touchscreen, but in the case of Chillingo's Sky Combat, it works. You drag a finger around the screen, guiding an auto-firing chopper through quite a few different maps of various forces, attacking and defending...

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Apple awarded new patents

This past week, Apple had a host of new patents officially approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office. From streamlining the way images are rendered to preventing the accidental opening of applications, a large chunk of the patents seem to relate to the ways that a user interacts with a device. ...

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Software Update: Magic Trackpad and Multi-Touch Trackpad Update 1.0

Apple released the Magic Trackpad this morning, but the OS update to make it work with your Mac is out now, available via Software Update on your Mac (drop down the Apple menu on the left if you've never done this before). Here's the link for a download of the update. This update also enables thr...

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iPhone 101: Two-fingered Scrolling

Everyone knows that you can use a single finger to scroll web pages in Mobile Safari but it's less well known that you can use two fingers to scroll frames and other subpage elements. Normally, on personal computers, you use a separate scroll bar for webpage frames. On the iPhone and iPod touch, th...

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Hackapalooza: making the iPhone main screen scroll!

All the buzz this evening is about developer "lg" and his wild plunge into customizing SpringBoard, the home screen application you see every time you power on your iPhone. Turns out he figured out how to burrow inside SpringBoard and get it to scroll so users don't have to use cumbersome applicatio...

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Who needs a Mighty Mouse? Hold shift for horizontal scrolling

John Gruber linked the blog of Mike Rohde, a visual designer who discovered a slick scrolling trick built into Mac OS X: with a standard scrolling mouse, you can hold the shift key in most apps to scroll horizontally. Mike cites his day job apps like Photoshop and Illustrator, but this seems to work...

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Apple needs to fix their PowerBook DL trackpad software

Ever since I picked up this 15" PowerBook DL (Dual Layer SuperDrive) about a month ago, I have occasionally run into situations where I see the kernel_task in Activity Monitor spiking to about 60% CPU usage, grinding my machine nearly to a halt and making it generally unusable until I restarted...

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