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Laptopmag.com photo shootout finds iPhone 5s camera beats vaunted Nokia Lumia 1020

You've probably seen the Nokia Lumia 1020 ads with the neon-lit motor scooters being photographed with the smartphone, with a tag line that says the photos are better than you'd get from an iPhone 5s. Well, the guys from Laptop decided to check out the cameras in a number of real-life situations, ...

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Comparing the iPad mini, Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7 displays

Now that the iPad mini has hit the market, choices for consumers have become a bit more complex. After all, the iPad mini (US$329), the Kindle Fire HD ($199) and Google Nexus 7 ($199) are all small tablets that are targeting the same market, each with its own app ecosystem (Apple App Store for ...

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O'Reilly posts iPod microphone shootout

Over at O'Reilly, Mark Nelson tested all three major iPod microphone add-ons and wrote about his results. He tried out the Belkin TuneTalk stereo, the Griffin iTalk Pro, and the XtremeMac MicroMemo. When all was said and done, all three solutions performed well despite the fact that they were all ho...

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System Shootouts: Mac Pro vs Dell Precision 690

System Shootouts has pit a Mac Pro against a Dell Precision 690 workstation in an in-depth feature-for-feature comparison to see who gets to go home with the prom queen. This match is of particular interest in part because of how detailed the feature criteria is (it included extra drive/bays like a ...

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MacBook vs. iBook

Everyone has gone MacBook crazy (or is it just me?)! However, let us not forget the honorable iBook that the MacBook has replaced in Apple's product matrix. System Shootouts hasn't forgotten. They have, in fact, pitted the MacBook against the iBook in a point by point comparison. Who comes out on t...

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