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Bestie simplifies shopping with a Pinterest-esque approach

Bestie is a shopping app that provides a Pinterest-esque approach to shopping and sharing. Bestie is a free app, which requires iOS 6 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad and is optimized for iPhone 5. At its heart is the concept of curated collection of goods. You can use...

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Black Friday research shows big iOS impact

In the lull between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there's time for reflection (and a few remaining hours to enter our Mega Giveaway of accessories, gadgets and device cases). While the Talkcast is taking a Sunday night off for turkey digestion, there's still interesting issues to discuss. For the...

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Daily iPhone App: Pick - The Purchase Tracker is a tool for calculating and tracking discounts

Pick is a shopping assistant that'll allow you to track your purchases and calculate your savings. It's a simple, yet effective app to help you make wise buying decisions this holiday shopping season. Pick allows you to do two primary things while shopping. First, it allows you to enter in the...

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Shopkick rolls out iBeacon feature shopBeacon at Macy's flagship stores

I can't speak for the rest of you, but ever since Apple showed off iBeacon technology, I've been waiting for the day that I can walk into a retailer and have my iPhone recognize it. Thanks to Shopkick's new shopBeacon transmitters at flagship Macy's stores on the US coasts, customers will get a...

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Catalog Spree claims 66% of consumers will shop for holiday gifts from tablets... wait, what?

According to a press release published today from digital magazine company Catalog Spree, 66 percent of consumers will use a tablet to shop for holiday gifts this year. If that figure strikes you as odd, that's probably because it's not even close to accurate. This is called sampling bias, and...

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Slice shopping app adds product recalls, improves price drop tracking

Slice is a shopping app that effortlessly tracks your purchases by scanning and logging your shopping receipts as they hit your inbox. The app scans your incoming emails, finds your receipts and parses relevant information about the items that you bought. It identifies both the products you...

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Threadflip redesigns, seeing 20% of purchases made through mobile app

Threadflip is an app where users can buy, sell and discover various clothing and other fashion items, and it's just undergone a major redesign. The app was introduced about a year ago, and since then, Threadflip has seen about 20 percent of purchases made and 40 percent of items listed come...

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Mobile apps keep shoppers coming back to stores

Traditional "brick and mortar" storefronts are facing a difficult competitor these days; the consumer armed with a smartphone or tablet who buys products online rather than making the difficult trek from couch to physical store. AllThingsD blogger Lauren Goode wrote today about a way that store...

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In China, virtual stores may go one step more virtual

I love the concept of virtual stores. You whip out your phone and order merchandise for home delivery, typically using QR codes. We first saw these pop up when Tesco launched one in the South Korea subways. They appeared in the Prague subway system, in Sweden's Jetshop and with Toys R Us'...

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Grocery List - Buy Me a Pie! lets you bump and share your grocery lists

Gone are the days of the handwritten grocery list. With apps like Grocery List - Buy Me a Pie!, iOS owners can ditch the pen and paper and grab their iPhone the next time they head out to the grocery store. Design Grocery List - Buy Me a Pie! has the look and feel of your typical paper...

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Five apps for the last-minute holiday shopper

Holiday shoppers, your time is almost up! There are only a few days left until deliveries cease and the stores shut down for Christmas. Here are five apps to make this last-minute shopping frenzy a little easier on you and your wallet. Clutch (iPhone, Category: Lifestyle, Free) Clutch is your...

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Walmart offering iPhone 5 for $127, 4S for $47, iPad for $399

If you're planning on picking up some Apple goodies for your loved ones this holiday season but haven't yet done so, Walmart may be your new best friend. As 9to5Mac reports, the retail chain is offering some pretty hefty in-store discounts on several brand new gadgets starting today. The full list...

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iPhone 5 now in stock at Apple's online store

It's been quite a while since the Apple first started shipping the iPhone 5, but it seems that supply of the notoriously difficult-to-assemble smartphone has finally caught up with demand. The device is now marked as "In Stock" on Apple's online store, in all three storage varieties. So, if you...

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IBM: iPad owned 88% of Black Friday online shopping from tablets

At the iPhone 5 launch event in September 2012, Apple CEO Tim Cook pointed out an interesting statistic about the tablet market: the iPad owns a disproportionate share of web browsing traffic from tablets (91% at the time of Cook's remarks). Other platform's tablets may be selling, but they don't...

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Black Friday: Shopping for overlooked tech essentials

creative commons by marfis75 The holiday shopping season kicks off in earnest this week with Black Friday sales, discounts and doorbusters. You may already be planning your strategies for picking up big-ticket items, but now's a great time to think about more mundane purchases as well. It's...

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