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"Showtime Anytime" channel added to the Apple TV lineup

With each passing month, Apple continues to flesh out the offerings available to Apple TV users. Earlier this week, Apple added "Showtime Anytime" -- Showtime's on-demand video service -- to its ever increasing lineup of compelling channels. Much like HBO Go, the app is accessible to subscribers o...

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Daily iPad App: Showtime Social

Showtime Networks recently released a social iPad app that'll let you explore Showtime's lineup of movie and television programs and share what you find with your Facebook or Twitter friends. The app has trailers, webisodes, photos and more from Showtime's movie and popular television shows lik...

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Watch today's It's Showtime event live

Wow, it's been a while since Apple has offered a live stream of an event, or even a video or streaming link prior to the event itself. Nevertheless, here it is: Apple's official It's Showtime event page, which looks like it will offer a 'video-on-demand' of the event, though the word 'live' isn't e...

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iTunes to be rebranded as "Showtime?"

There might be more to the iTunes store being down than we originally thought. A little bird sent us a tip that belies the possibility that the 'Showtime' buzzword Apple's been using to promote their special event today could be the actual new name of the iTunes/Music/Movie Store and software. This ...

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Apple's agenda for the media event?

Ok, it's time for some last-minute rumor mongering. A little birdie just flew into TUAW headquarters (a little birdie who wishes to remain anonymous) and told us the following. Remember, this is all rumor, folks, but it sounds like it could be legit to us. Here we go. "...Let's just say I have been ...

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Showtime Rumor Roundup

In the weeks leading up to an Apple Special Event, much of our little corner of the internet is abuzz with prognostication, rumors of what might be announced, and more editorial analysis than you can shake a stick at. Historically, all this speculation rans rampant with little to no new reiable info...

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Poll results: New Apple products

We asked, you answered. If cost were not an option, which of the rumored Apple products would you be most likely to buy? You can see the results of our informal poll above: the video-streaming Airport Express was a clear winner. The remaining other votes were evenly divided between the other option...

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Dave Chappelle, Wildfire in iTunes

The good news: Dave Chappelle is in the iTunes Music Store. The bad news: It's not his show from Comedy Central. "I'm Rick James..." Well, you know how it goes. The Chappelle video [iTunes link] is a nearly one hour stand up special he filmed for Showtime, and costs $1.99. Wildfire [iTunes...

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