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SlingPlayer Mobile updated with video out

Dig out your TV component cables if you have the SlingPlayer Mobile app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod -- the latest version of the software now supports high quality mode video out to your television. Version 2.1 of the popular TV-streaming app also includes a few unspecified bug fixes. You'll...

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SlingPlayer for iPad now available [update: does not work with PRO]

Just a week after the teaser video was released, SlingPlayer for iPad (US$29.99) is officially available. This app lets you stream anything that comes from your Slingbox SOLO, PRO, or PRO-HD to and iPad via Wi-Fi or 3G. Thirty bucks is kind of high, and the app isn't universal so you're looking at s...

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SlingPlayer Mobile finally works on 3G

We all knew it was coming, and it's here. Yes, Apple has finally approved, with the belated blessing of AT&T, a version of the SlingPlayer Mobile app that now works on the 3G network. The original release of SlingPlayer Mobile [iTunes link] was WiFi only, and was one of the great disappointme...

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Slingplayer Mobile will finally be working on the AT&T 3G network

Well, that took a while. AppleInsider is reporting that AT&T has now agreed to let SlingPlayer for iPhone [US$30, iTunes link] stream over the 3G network. When the app was released last May, there was great moaning that the SlingPlayer Mobile app only worked on a Wi-Fi connection. That was in...

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First look at SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone

This is a painful review to write, because the SlingPlayer for iPhone had so much potential before AT&T decided to cripple it. One can understand the terror at the thought of a million SlingPlayers draining network bandwidth dry, but in fact, AT&T seems to be violating its own Terms of Servi...

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AT&T says it is to blame for the SlingPlayer fiasco

Engadget and other publications tonight are quoting AT&T saying it knifed the SlingPlayer for iPhone due to concerns over bandwidth. "Slingbox, which would use large amounts of wireless network capacity, could create congestion and potentially prevent other customers from using the network. The ...

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Ooooo nooooo! SlingMobile for iPhone won't work on 3G

At least, that's what our sister publication is reporting. If true, there will be a tremendous firestorm of anger from iPhone customers who expected to use this app the way the Sling app runs on other devices, including some cellphones on AT&T that are able to use 3G. Using this $30.00 app on ju...

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SlingPlayer for iPhone: A ray of hope?

Could it actually be coming? A search at the iTunes App store for Sling Media brings up the name of the company, but no application attached to the name. That's a pretty healthy sign that the SlingMobile app for the iPhone and iPod touch is 'in the system', although I wouldn't call it proof positive...

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SlingPlayer for iPhone getting closer to release?

SlingMedia thinks so. In a brief note on the Sling website, the company notes: "We are in close contact with our partners at Apple and are optimistic that it will be approved soon. We hope the wait won't be much longer." Hopefully the company knows something the pundits and rumor mongers don't. It's...

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SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone. What's the deal?

Rarely has an iPhone/iPod touch app seen so many ups and downs. People have expected Sling Media to provide a version of their streaming video player for Apple since the iPhone first launched, but it has yet to materialize. In January, Sling demonstrated a beta of SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone at M...

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Sling getting serious about the iPhone

Sling Media now has a web page up on their site with a nice demo of Slingplayer Mobile for the iPhone, due to hit the app store sometime later this year. It's been a long time coming, as people were breathlessly looking for this functionality when the iPhone first came out. 3G capability made us eve...

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