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SlingPlayer Mobile updated with video out

Dig out your TV component cables if you have the SlingPlayer Mobile app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod -- the latest version of the software now supports high quality mode video out to your television. Version 2.1 of the popular TV-streaming app also includes a few unspecified bug fixes. You'll...

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SlingPlayer for iPad now available [update: does not work with PRO]

Just a week after the teaser video was released, SlingPlayer for iPad (US$29.99) is officially available. This app lets you stream anything that comes from your Slingbox SOLO, PRO, or PRO-HD to and iPad via Wi-Fi or 3G. Thirty bucks is kind of high, and the app isn't universal so you're looking at s...

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SlingPlayer Mobile finally works on 3G

We all knew it was coming, and it's here. Yes, Apple has finally approved, with the belated blessing of AT&T, a version of the SlingPlayer Mobile app that now works on the 3G network. The original release of SlingPlayer Mobile [iTunes link] was WiFi only, and was one of the great disappointme...

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Slingplayer Mobile will finally be working on the AT&T 3G network

Well, that took a while. AppleInsider is reporting that AT&T has now agreed to let SlingPlayer for iPhone [US$30, iTunes link] stream over the 3G network. When the app was released last May, there was great moaning that the SlingPlayer Mobile app only worked on a Wi-Fi connection. That was in...

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SlingPlayer Mobile 1.1 to have 16:9 support, 3G streaming in non-U.S. markets

The iTunes App Store has been more than a little embattled in the last couple of months, but at least one app developer is soldiering on: according to Engadget, the maker of Slingbox, Sling Media, has recently submitted SlingPlayer Mobile 1.1 to Apple for approval. The most significant changes ...

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SlingPlayer for iPhone: A ray of hope?

Could it actually be coming? A search at the iTunes App store for Sling Media brings up the name of the company, but no application attached to the name. That's a pretty healthy sign that the SlingMobile app for the iPhone and iPod touch is 'in the system', although I wouldn't call it proof positive...

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