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Start 'em young with a jailbroken iPhone toy

Ask any parent, and they will tell you that you need to start your kids young and surround them with toys to stimulate their development. There is no better toy for the next generation saurik or geohot than the not-so-creatively named "Smart Phone" toy fresh out of China. Why is this phone so pe...

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Apple grabs nearly 50 percent of handset industry profits

For the better part of a decade, Apple has consistently shown that having a comparatively small market share by volume is no impediment to making money, and lots of it. Despite the company's PC share hovering in single digits through most of the 2000s, Apple has been far and away the most profit...

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Rumor: Apple iPhone to come in two models, one with Wi-Fi

Another day, another analyst claiming to have obtained über-exclusive details on the much-rumored iPhone. This time around it's Prudential Equities, and they claim Apple has not one, but two iPhones planned for an early 2007 release (gee, when could that be). One will be a smart phone with keyb...

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