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These are a few of my favorite things - 2013 Edition

As 2013 comes to an end, here are a list of my favorite Mac apps that I used over the past year. Now there are a few important things to remember: you'll notice that many of these are not "new" apps because, well, I don't care when the apps were made nearly as much as I care if they're good and I ...

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Mac software deals for this Thanksgiving weekend

We're on the lookout for great deals this Thanksgiving weekend! Mike Schramm has already put up two posts on iOS apps which are on sale, and I've got a few Mac software deals to tell you about. The first one is Soulver, which is an app I've had my eye on since Marco Arment mentioned it on Bui...

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Daily Mac App: Soulver

Soulver, which has billed itself in the past as a "plain English" calculator, has been around for the past few years as a complex calculator with a simple interface. To use Soulver, type in a math question as you would write it out on paper. Soulver provides the answer as you're typing, ra...

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App review roundup: VoiceBand, Soulver, DocĀ²

VoiceBand: Personal music artistry gone wild I don't usually gush during App reviews. I think today I will change things up a bit. Because If you like playing with sound and music, and you like GarageBand, empty out your change purse, check... Soulver brings a calculator scratchp...

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Soulver brings a calculator scratchpad to your iPhone

Acqualia's Soulver, a very cool "calculator scratchpad" (which we've covered before), has come to the iPhone [iTunes link]. Both versions allow you to enter expressions in regular mathematical form, or a more "natural language" form. It keeps a running total in the sidebar, and you can reference (an...

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Soulver "plain English" calculator

Just yesterday we posted on the bc command line calculator. Well on the other end of the UI spectrum is Soulver from Acqualia Software. Its authors claim that Soulver is a "plain English" calculator in that you can actually type in certain (in fact very limited) phrases and get answers, as you see ...

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