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Rockstar shares the Grand Theft Auto soundtracks on iTunes and Spotify

Rockstar, the developers of the very popular Grand Theft Auto series, has kindly set up playlists for every one of the series' radio stations, for use in both iTunes and Spotify. The GTA series is well-known for its music, and when Rockstar ported both GTA3 and GTA: Vice City over to iOS, we we...

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DevJuice: Talking with Tim McMorris about royalty-free soundtracks

Several weeks ago, a developer sent a video as part of his TUAW product pitch. The app itself was interesting enough but I was blown away by the video's music. It was smart, it was contemporary, and it had excellent production values. So I started to google to find out more about this music a...

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Dear Apple, here's our Final Cut Studio wishlist

Today the NAB exhibit hall opened, and just about everyone in the video world is showing off the hot new stuff they've been waiting to announce to video professionals from around the world. Apple, however, is notably absent again this year, choosing instead to make an announcement tomorrow even...

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Apple releases ProKit 5.1 update

Step right up for an update for ProKit apps. According to Apple: "This ProKit Update fixes issues with user interface software resources that are shared by Apple's professional applications. The issues addressed include: Corrected an issue with improper scrolling behavior. Resolved m...

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Das Cube for iPhone

Das Cube [iTunes link, $1.99] is a simple little iPhone game that comes with a pretty impressive pedigree: it's made by one of the creators of Aquaria, Mark Johns of Space Barnacle, and features music by the composer of Canabalt's crazy addictive soundtrack. As you can see in the video above, it's...

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FIFA 10 coming to iPhone this Friday

What's it going to take for us to get developers to release games for Apple products earlier than two years after the fact? The iPhone, apparently -- EA has announced that their soccer flagship FIFA 10 will be available for the iPhone this Friday, which is the same day the console game shows up in...

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Kaloki Adventure and Peggle on sale, plus free music

If you didn't jump to pick up Kaloki Adventure [App Store link] after our first look last week, now's your chance: the game is on sale today (not tomorrow, apparently -- you've got under 24 hours) for just $1.99, a buck cheaper than the usual $2.99 price. The game offers some fun but casual real-tim...

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Remove iTunes DRM easily and quickly with iMovie HD

The thing about DRM is that there are always exceptions to the rules-- while Apple has released lots of DRM-free music, lots of it is still bogged down by DRM, and if you're like me, you disagree that any music you purchase should be limited in the ways that you use it. Fortunately, as long as you...

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Pro Application Support 4.0.1

Nothing quickens the blood like a thrilling software update. Am I right, folks? Ok, perhaps that is a slight exaggeration, but it is a good feeling to have some bugs that have been bothering you squashed with a nice update. Apple has just released Pro Application Support 4.0.1 which, 'improves gener...

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Apple updates Aperture and Pro Apps

Apple has updated Aperture to 1.1.2 though they haven't, at the moment, provided any details as to what the update does (at least not on their website). Also lurking in your Software Update panel is the Pro Application Update 2006-01, which ' addresses several issues with underlying frameworks and s...

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Apple releases Final Cut Express HD 3.5

Apple has released Final Cut Express HD 3.5, what they are calling "a significant upgrade" to their "software solution for video enthusiasts, schools and small businesses". It is now a Universal Binary, and amongst its new features is Dynamic RT for real-time playback of multi-streamed effects and ...

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Soundtrack Pro v1.0.2 Update

I saw this news over at Accelerate your Mac. There's a v1.0.2 update to Soundtrack Pro that weighs in at 42.2 MB and "addresses certain reliability and performance issues of Soundtrack Pro 1.0 and 1.0.1." I have Soundtrack Pro, so I was wondering why none of these pro updates are showing up via Soft...

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