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BlackBerry jumps on reports of iMessage spam to tout the benefits of BBM

Given the recent spate of stories centering on iMessage being a haven for spammers, the official BlackBerry Blog seized the opportunity to pen a post detailing 5 reasons why BlackBerry's own BBM messaging service is impervious to the spam reportedly affecting iMessage users. 3) BBM Protected ups...

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iOS 8 Safari can block ads from automatically redirecting to the App Store

One of the most frustrating aspects of the modern mobile internet is advertising that kicks you off the webpage you're on and forces you into the App Store. Oftentimes websites -- including TUAW -- aren't even aware that their ads are doing this obnoxious and vile act until it's too late and reade...

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Getting iMessage spam? Report it to Apple

Federico Viticci over at MacStories posted an interesting story about iMessage spam tonight courtesy of Beau Giles. A support document on the Apple website now presents details on how users can report iMessage spam directly to the company: If you're seeing unwanted iMessages (spam) in Messages a...

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Mac 101: Beef up your spam filters in Mail (video)

Nobody likes spam, but if you use Apple's Mail on Mountain Lion, at least you have some tools to deal with it. Plenty of Mac users rely on Mail to read, manage and process their emails... and spam messages. If you use email, you have spam -- that's just the way it works. Following up on Kelly...

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Overzealous spam filter causes never-delivered iCloud emails

Back in November, InfoWorld's Robert Cringely told the story of a Hollywood screenwriter's travails involving his iCloud email account. It appeared that iCloud was unable, or unwilling, to deliver messages with a PDF attachment containing the words "barely legal teen." Granted, that's not an is...

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Mac 101: dealing with iCloud email spam

Dealing with an email inbox filled with spam can be a tedious process. Some spam emails, like those saying you have an inheritance overseas, are easy to spot, while others are cleverly crafted to appear legitimate. If you use an iCloud email account, here are some tips to help you curb your incomi...

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Gliph launches new Cloaked Email service that'll hide your real email address from prying eyes

Gliph, an online and mobile service that lets you send text messages anonymously, has expanded its offerings to include a new Cloaked Email service. As its name implies, Cloaked Email lets you hide your real email address when you send and receive email from someone that you don't know. It's a ...

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Local notification spam: Devs, please don't do that

Want to know a quick road to a bad app review from your users? Local notification spam. Frankly, we're sick of it. You spam us, we'll toss your app off our phones like *snap* that. Just because local notifications don't require opt-in doesn't mean that developers should abuse them for marketing....

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Apple responds to spam app Find and Call

On Thursday, Kaspersky Lab Expert researcher Denis Maslennikov wrote about a rogue app in the iOS App Store and Google Play store that secretly uploads your contact list to a remote server and then uses that information to send out spam text messages. Called "Find and Call", the app is actual...

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MobileMe webmail balks at political bulk mailings

Unfortunately, as originally reported by John Brownlee at Cult of Mac, it looks like Apple may be filtering out emails sent from the online MobileMe client based on content. The story is that a user was trying to send an email mentioning "Authoritarian Oppressive Regimes," and when sent, those ...

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Who's behind those spammy video converter apps

There's an interesting article from last year over on Macworld about how spammers try to use comment systems on discussion forums to promote their wares. Christopher Breen, one of their moderators, dug into the world of Chinese companies promoting dodgy (as in "don't work very well") video co...

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Are bulk app generators junking up the App Store again?

We've long written about the travails of the App Store, specifically about the hardships some developers have endured (particularly in the early days) trying to get their apps approved. Apple has, in the past year, made great strides in improving this process for developers, going so far as to publ...

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Ping reaches a million, attacked by spam

Apple's new social network, Ping, has been around for about a week now, and all of the pundits have had their chance at weighing in on what Apple got wrong and right. And what's the result? Not bad, but not great -- more than a million people joined the network in just 48 hours. That's not terrible ...

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Manage your TUAW commenter profile

We've had a few inquiries on our tip line and feedback form in the past few days about managing your TUAW commenter profile. Whenever you leave a comment on a TUAW post, an account is created for you using the name and email address that you use in the "New Readers" tab in the comment field. You wi...

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Phishing schemes targeting MobileMe users again

Be very careful if you get an email from Apple telling you they need to re-check your credit card information. One of our readers got just such an email, and he didn't fall for it. This particular rip-off comes from an '' domain, which has nothing to do with Apple. They'll be glad ...

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