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Mac 101: Beef up your spam filters in Mail (video)

Nobody likes spam, but if you use Apple's Mail on Mountain Lion, at least you have some tools to deal with it. Plenty of Mac users rely on Mail to read, manage and process their emails... and spam messages. If you use email, you have spam -- that's just the way it works. Following up on Kelly...

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Friday Favorite: SpamSieve 2.76

My Friday favorite is SpamSieve. We have mentioned it a few times previously, but since it has recently been updated to version 2.76 I wanted to sing its praises again. It's the best way I've found to deal with spam. Using Bayesian filtering, SpamSieve installs as a plug-in to your mail client an...

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SpamSieve 2.7 is available

The great SpamSieve was updated earlier this week to version 2.7. If you're unfamiliar with SpamSieve, you're probably inundated with unwanted email. It's a piece of software that works with your email client and excels at squashing spam long before you ever see it. Over time, it gets better at ide...

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.Mac's slow death

Somebody call the ambulance, because .Mac is dying...and Google is the assassin (with a little help from his sidekick Firefox). Now I've been using .Mac since it was free and called "iTools." I was initially lured in by the convenience of iDisk, the mac.com email address and so on. Web bookmark and ...

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SpamSieve goes universal

Today, SpamSieve has been updated to version 2.4.1. For the uninitiated, SpamSieve is a customizable spam filtering application for Mac email clients, including Mail, Mailsmith, Entourage, PowerMail, and Eudora. As the title suggests, this version is a universal binary. Other changes in version 2.4....

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