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Sync Services change in 10.7.4 disables BusySync, Spanning Sync

For many years, Sync Services has provided the backbone for synchronization of other devices to Macs running OS X. A change that was part of OS X 10.7.4 has apparently stopped iCal from pushing changes to Sync Services, breaking some very popular synchronization applications -- BusySync and Spann...

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Sync your address book to Google and back it up

Former TUAW-writer (but forever in our hearts) David Chartier tried using OS X's built-in Address Book sync to Google Contacts and had a very bad experience which ended with him turning it off almost immediately. I had a similar-but-different bad experience. In my case, OS X seemed to simply st...

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Ask TUAW: Syncing iCal, Mouse Keys, encrypted flash drives and more

This time in Ask TUAW we're tackling questions about syncing iCal between two Macs, using an encrypted flash drive in a cross-platform environment, changing default applications, using the keyboard instead of the mouse, and more. As always, your suggestions are welcome. Questions for next week shoul...

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MobileMe renewal: Yes or no?

Earlier this week, I noticed that the calendars on my Mac and my iPhone weren't in sync. "More MobileMe nonsense," I thought. However, I soon found the culprit, and it wasn't MobileMe acting wonky. My account had expired, and I was within the 15 day grace period. I saw the "Renew" button and reached...

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Google Calendar CalDAV/iCal syncing now official

Although the plumbing has been in place since the summer, it's always nice to have an official announcement, and now we do: Google has gone on the record with its support for CalDAV syncing from iCal to Google Calendar. You can now gracefully sync your editable Google calendars with your (Leopard-on...

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WWDC '08: Charlie Wood (Spanning Sync)

I have officially managed to finish sorting and editing all of the footage from WWDC. The last video in our series is a chat with Charlie Wood from Spanning Sync. He managed to make it to an early appointment at my hotel on the morning I was leaving, despite having made the most of a large-scale bas...

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SyncMan handles Address Book to Gmail syncing

SyncMan is a simple application for syncing your Mac's Address Book with your Gmail contacts, a feature long desired by Gmail and Google Calendar users who may have other sync tools already in place. While we have noted that a similar feature is forthcoming in the more broad-based iCal syncing tool ...

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SpanningSync 2 to include contacts in Google sync

Just last week we noted that BusySync 2, which adds Google calendar syncing to the iCal sync app, is now shipping. Another 2.0 would seem to be around the corner, as a post on the SpanningSync blog shows a video demo of Address Book -> Google contact synchronization coming in the next version o...

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Believing the hype on .Mac-Google

Forget about not paying attention to other people; sometimes I don't even pay attention to myself. Just four days ago, I went on record in the TUAW predictions post for WWDC with "the .Mac offering becomes an Apple-branded version of Google Apps Premier." Mayhap I should drink my own Kool-Aid, if I'...

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Spanning Sync for iCal and Google Calendar goes 1.0, announces pricing

We've mentioned Spanning Sync, the first utility to truly sync iCal and Google Calendar, once or twice before, but until today it's been in that 'beta' status that's such a hit with the kids these days. As of this morning, however, beta is no more, for Spanning Sync has reached full 1.0 status and...

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Spanning Sync about to go 1.0

Spanning Sync, the bi-directional syncing utility for iCal and Google Calendar we've been covering, has released public beta v1.0b16 on their blog. Aside from the typical fixes and updates, the more significant announcement here is the possibility that this might be the final beta before going 1.0. ...

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Spanning Sync public beta re-opened

Fellow Mac users looking to sync iCal and Google Calendar - rejoice! For the Spanning Sync crew have re-opened their public beta to one and all. After their servers buckled under their first attempt at opening up the beta, they had to shut down temporarily. Fortunately, Spanning Sync's own vendor ...

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Spanning Sync announces public beta

Charlie Wood from Spanning Sync, the 'missing link' software we mentioned back in November that can keep iCal and Google Calendar n'sync, just let us know that a public beta (version 1.0b11) is now available (zip download link). Getting started with iCal + gCal syncing bliss is simple: Download...

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Full synchronization of iCal and Google Calendar coming via Spanning Sync

Spanning Sync looks to be the holy grail of true, two-way calendar synchronization between Apple's iCal and Google Calendar. Yes: by 'two-way' I mean 'you can edit the same calendar in either place and the changes will synchronize.' Nasty translation I know, so maybe you should go watch their demo ...

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