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Tag: Speculation

Why what you think about that "new category" thing may be all wrong

Spectacle. We love it. That moment when technology changes and our minds are blown. It's easy to forget that many "one more thing" things were actually pretty boring: the iPod mini, Safari for Windows, the Power Mac G5. Our current obsession with "new categories" derives from the heroin-like hi...

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iPad mini's rumored launch may be aimed at Microsoft Surface

This theory is speculative, but let's give CNN's Don Sears some consideration anyway. He suggests that Apple's suspected iPad mini event has been moved from the rumored October 10 to 17 date range to the current expectation of the October 23. Why, he asks? Because the Microsoft Surface is due t...

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The road to OS Xi: Where iOS and OS X suffer a teleporter accident and merge

Remember The Fly? That's the one where Jeff Goldblum tries to teleport but instead gets his genes all mixed up with a fly. "[T]he Telepod computer, confused by the presence of two separate life-forms in the sending pod, merged him with the fly at the molecular-genetic level." Look at Lion...

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TUAW TV Live: Hardware, accessories, and "fabulous new products in the pipeline"

Welcome back to another hour of fun, live discussion on TUAW TV Live! Today my topics will range from the flood of hardware and accessories that have made their way to the legendary TUAW Labs to the curious line uttered by Apple CEO Tim Cook yesterday. Cook noted that Apple is "shipping the b...

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Talkcast tonight, 7pm PT/10pm ET: AirPro Edition!

Well well well, Sunday. It's that time again, Talkshoe time! It's also time for some nice new hardware speculation live from my house, and we'll talk a little bit about some real news this week as well, such as a preview of NAB and a quick episode of Where's Tim? Kelly hosting the show means Ke...

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Re-envisioning iTunes: How Mountain Lion portends the future

Victor has been promising to write a post about iTunes and how it fails to live up to OS X's potential for over a year. Fortunately, the guys over at Macworld sprang to the rescue, discussing how Apple might want to save their syncing ship. Since I can't rebut Victor's non-existent post, as I h...

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Considering Aperture for iOS

Gabe Glick over at Macstories has a proposal: Aperture for iOS. On the surface, it sounds like a pretty silly idea -- Apple's high end camera app is really made for a desktop environment, and with the hassle required to get high quality photos onto iOS devices, there really isn't a point bringing ...

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On moderating expectations for Apple's 2012

Just after the year-end retrospectives clear newsrooms, speculators begin pounding away at the forecasts for the coming year. Every year we see wide-eyed imaginings about what Apple "could" do in the coming year, and every year someone comes out with a list that sounds just as outlandish as the...

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What would a 4S mean to you?

I love my 3GS. I still use it on a daily basis as one of my primary dev units. It has a lovely PayGo SIM in it, with inexpensive data. It's an absolutely brilliant device and my love for my iPhone 4 does not diminish the 3GS's utility. I never bothered to purchase an iPhone 3G. Although I use...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Could we see a MacBook touch?

Dear Aunt TUAW, So is this year that we see the MacBook touch? What do you think is going to debut this fall? Your loving nephew, Mark S. Dear Mark, Auntie is already deciding on specs for her MacBook touch, even though she recognizes how utterly remote the likelihood is of Apple goi...

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Speculation: Apple website hints at iWork update for Lion

While working on a post about OS X Lion's full-screen apps, I stumbled upon something interesting. If you look at the image above, it shows Pages as a full-screen app. There's even a tag line -- "Never miss the fine print with full-screen for Pages." I'm running Pages version 4.0.5 (852) right ...

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TUAW Talkcast: The Lion schleps tonight at 10 PM EDT

Sung to the tune of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" Cupertino, oh Cupertino, Will Lion ship this week? Oh Steve Jobso, Let OS Lion go, And make us happy geek(s)! Refrain: Windowsaway, windowsaway, windowsaway, windowsaway Windowsaway, windowsaway, windowsaway, windowsaway Infinite Lo...

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Talkcast tonight, 10PM ET/7PM PT/4PM HT: Speculation edition!

Sunday night can only mean one thing: Talkcast time! This week we have a main course fresh off the barbecue of free-range rumors about Lion, and to go with that we have a potluck of side dish speculation about a new MacBook Air and more. Remember: If Kelly hosts the show, it means we have an aft...

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Does iOS 5 reveal a new iPod touch? (Updated)

UPDATE: It would appear in our haste to check this, and with Erica's technical difficulties with her primary Mac, the 5.0 file was opened twice. A cross check with the 4.3.3 file indicates no such model (iPod4,2). Of course, this still doesn't mean there's a new iPod touch coming, but the evide...

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White iPhone? Test version of iOS? Tinhte claims both in video

Here's a double whammy for you. Vietnamese site Tinhte (who have a decent record of leaks) has put out a video of what they claim is a) a white iPhone from Apple which is b) running some "test version" of iOS. As you can see in the video on the next page, multitasking in this mystery version pres...

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