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Brother, can you spare a charge? ChargeBite goes indiegogo

We've all been there. Out, carousing, maybe having too good a time, when suddenly it hits. Not in our wallet, no ... where it really counts. Our iPhone is wasted as we are. Its battery icon flickers with a hint of the red in our bloodshot eyes. Surely no white night can end well with a phone ...

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App downloads spike over the holiday, though not as high as expected

The Christmas holiday saw a record number of iOS device activations, and as usual, a nice spike in app downloads for developers (thanks to all of those new devices on the market). But Distimo just shared a report that says Christmas might not have been as merry as we thought for app developers ...

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OpenFeint sees giant spike in Christmas users and downloads

Here's some more evidence that the App Store had a really amazing holiday weekend last week. OpenFeint has announced that it saw a 184% spike in new users on Christmas Day last week, the largest single day in the service's history for new users. Over the four days around the holiday, OpenFeint repor...

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New TV shows in US iTMS

Several new shows have been added to the US iTunes Music Store, including Blade: The Series (the first offering from the Spike network), TV Land's Sit Down Comedy with David Steinberg and Viva La Bam from MTV, the show I'm obviously too old to "get." Check 'em out....

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