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Tag: SpringBoard

Starting from zero on the iPhone home screen

This is what my iPhone looks like right now. No, it's not because iTunes went crazy and deleted all my apps. I'm trying to figure out which apps I actually use. I've downloaded over 150 apps from the App Store. Of those 150, I have roughly 100 of them still in iTunes. I've tried grouping them using ...

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Found Footage: iTunes-based App management concept

One of my biggest annoyances with my iPhone involves the difficulty of managing my applications. Springboard, the iPhone application that actually displays the different pages of apps, clearly wasn't designed with the intention of managing so many apps. I've long thought, like with other aspects of...

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Gameboy theme for iPhone

We love mods, and this one is on our short list. iGameboy is a theme mod for jailbroken iPhones. There's both a button and a full-screen version (I'm partial to the button theme myself). As of this writing, the author, Rob Sheridan, has produced 45 icons to accompany the theme, so chances are your a...

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iPhone Safe Mode: Who knew?

What happens when you set your jailbroken iPhone to "fast respring" (that is, turn on one of the SpringBoard relaunching options) via BossTool, and SpringBoard crashes? Safe mode, apparently. Who knew that Safe Mode even existed on the iPhone? I certainly didn't until TUAW reader Max S. sent in the...

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TUAW Hack: Mess with your iPhone Settings screens

A little while back, I posted about some undocumented SpringBoard settings on the iPhone. Many readers seemed to enjoy learning about these settings, but they wanted to avoid performing the esoteric property list edits needed to adjust them. In response, I give you the following: controls that ac...

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A half dozen fun undocumented iPhone preferences

Not all preferences appear in your iPhone Settings application. As I discussed rather thoroughly in my Modding Mac OS X book, it's not that hard to dig through applications and discover undocumented--or in this case unpromoted--preferences that add spice to your Mac or iPhone. I decided to put th...

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Call Home with Open URL

I was talking to iPhone Developer NerveGas earlier today and he was thinking about what it would take to put a one-touch call button in with your other iPhone Applications. I reminded him that OpenURL could open phone numbers as well as web pages, and that I already had a "Call Home" button on my iP...

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Put TUAW on your iPhone or iPod touch home page

If you want to run lots of Apps on your 1.1.1 iPhone or iPod touch but don't want to install SummerBoard, you can download this SpringBoard patcher that provides you with multi-page support. Copy off Springboard, patch it, put it back onto your device and reboot. It's what I'm running on my iPhone ...

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1.1.1 iPhone Multipage SpringBoard Hack

Although the iPhone/iTouch Dev team hasn't published a general jailbreak yet, the developer community is working hard and furious to make sure that your arrival will be pleasant when you get there. Today brings this marvelous SpringBoard patch from Nicholas "Drudge" Penree, NerveGas and Pumpkin. It...

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Third Party Apps ported to iPhone 1.1.1

This morning, we were having a lot of trouble getting third-party iPhone apps to show up properly and run on the home screen. Despite the fact that Apple has added extra protections to SpringBoard and created a list of approved identifiers, iPhone hacker asap18 has managed to port several appli...

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Hackapalooza: making the iPhone main screen scroll!

All the buzz this evening is about developer "lg" and his wild plunge into customizing SpringBoard, the home screen application you see every time you power on your iPhone. Turns out he figured out how to burrow inside SpringBoard and get it to scroll so users don't have to use cumbersome applicatio...

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