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Mac 101: How to use Stacks effectively in your Dock

New OS X users may not be aware of the power of stacks as only one is included in the Dock by default. If you've never used it, a stack is a Dock item that gives you quick access to a folder. Each OS X installation includes one -- the "Downloads" stock on the right-hand side of the Dock next to th...

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Found Footage: The iPhone and the WiiMote

Matthias Ringwald, of iPhone Bluetooth fame, has just released BTstack 0.1 for iPhone. This video demonstrates his group's technology in action, as an iPhone syncs with a WiiMote and then uses the WiiMote for input. Although the system does not yet have OBEX, it is, as Ringwald writes, "better t...

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Found Footage: More new Stack features for jailbreak iPhones

Looks like Stack for Jailbreak has some new improvements. For those of you unfamiliar with the application, Stack adds a quick-launch menu directly to your iPhone dock, letting you expand your dock space to hold all your favorite apps. With it you can add 16 items (using grid view) or 5 items (in f...

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TUAW Tip: Put a Recent items Stack in your Dock

Here's another brilliant tip by way of Mac OSX Hints. It turns out that you can actually put a "Recent Items" Stack in your toolbar with a couple of terminal command. Once you execute it this stack allows you to choose between displaying Recent Applications, Recent Documents, Recent Servers, Favori...

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