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Tag: Stacks

Mac 101: Use the keyboard to navigate a Grid from the Dock

When I first got my Mac, it came with all the standard applications found in the applications folder. I used to find that opening an application from the applications Grid, on the Dock, was much easier and quicker than opening an application through the Finder. Over time, with more applications b...

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MaComfort brings a little Mac back to your PC

Let's face it -- as much as we love our Macs, sometimes you've got to use a PC, whether that be for work or at a friend's house, or just for playing some games. But when you absolutely must use Windows, maComfort can make the transition easier. It's a free Windows application (with some premium opt...

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Stacks plugin brings fluid layouts to RapidWeaver

If we've said it once, we've said it 1000 times: TUAW loves RapidWeaver. One of RapidWeaver's strengths is that it has an easy-to-use interface, but you can do some really, really powerful stuff with the program. Plus, the third-party network of plugins and themes is really, really top notch. You...

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Terminal Tips: Gradient highlights for Stacks

If you use Stacks like we do, then you probably love any additional hacks you can do to them. While this Terminal Tip provides no really useful features, it does provide you with some awesome eye candy for your Stacks. This hack gives you a mouse-over gradient (seen above on Terminal) in your Stac...

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Terminal Tips: Add recent applications as a Stack on Dock

Do you find yourself constantly using the Apple menu to find your recently opened applications? This simple Terminal hack will create a custom Stack on the Dock that will show your recently opened applications. Just open (/Applications/Utilities/) and type in the following command: d...

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TUAW Tip: Highlight items in gridded stacks

The Dock's Stacks feature lets Leopard users view a folder's worth of stuff with one click. You'll either love it or hate it, use it or not. If you do use it, here's a little tip that improves it slightly (in my opinion). When you've got a bunch of files from a Stack displayed in Grid View, it can ...

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Quay 1.1b3 offers nice changes

We first wrote about Quay in November. It extends the Leopard dock in a number of very useful ways. For instance, it will pop up on both sides of the dock (Apple only permits this on the right), and even displays software version numbers plus memory and CPU stats on running applications. It's super ...

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TUAW Tutorial: Custom Stack Drawer icons

Many folks commented on our recent post about adding those gorgeous drawer icons to your Stacks. As great as the originals are, however, a lot of you also wanted to know how to customize them. Fortunately, the original author was kind enough to make the blank drawer PNG available, so in this li...

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Hierarchical browsing work-arounds

One of the bigger annoyances many folks have complained about with Leopard is the loss of hierarchical file browsing of folders in the Dock. Of course in Leopard you get Stacks, with all their fancy fanning and gridding, but you lose the ability to right-click a folder and dig into the sub-folders. ...

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Improve your Stacks with some drawers

As noted in our recent (bad) little things about Leopard post, the dynamic Stacks icons are a bit of a pain. Basically the Dock icon for a Stack automatically changes to reflect whatever is first in that Stack (based on how it is sorted, by name, date, etc.). A clever Japanese user came up with a b...

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24 Hours of Leopard: Stacks

Feature: Stacks, which are what Apple is calling clickable icons on the Dock that fold out to show other clickable icons. How it works: It's actually an updated implementation of the old "Piles" idea, in that you can have one icon that gives you access to lots of different things. But Apple's Stacks...

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Stacks on the iPhone

So I finally had a chance to watch that Leopard guided tour that everybody has seen already this week, and one thing struck me like a bricked iPhone thrown directly at my head: boy, Apple really does love iTunes, don't they? It's everywhere in Leopard, from the unified toolbars to the Finder with i...

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Sitting on the Dock every day

AppleInsider has a nice long preview of the new Leopard Dock, along with a short history going all the way back to a company called Acorn Computers, and the NeXT Dock (there's even some good, healthy Windows TaskBar bashing thrown in the mix). There isn't really anything new here, but it is a nice w...

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Mac 101: Mimic Stacks in Tiger

Here's a simple trick that will let you approximate Leopard's "Stacks" feature in Tiger (without all the cool eye candy, of course). Lifehacker suggests moving your documents folder, a download folder, etc. into the dock. Then right click that folder (or Control-click or simply click and hold...whic...

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