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Health trials using Apple's HealthKit about to start at two US hospitals

Apple's HealthKit is one of the most exciting aspects of iOS 8, but when it launches, the app's focus will be mainly on fitness rather than longterm health. HealthKit still has a long way to go before its full potential is realized, but work is already underway. Reuters is reporting that Stanford ...

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New Stanford Apple Store opening this Saturday at 10 AM

Apple has announced that its new Stanford store in Palo Alto will have its grand reopening this Saturday, September 7 at 10 AM. The new store has been completely redesigned and features three floor-to-ceiling glass walls at its new ground-level location. ifoAppleStore tweeted the above picture of ...

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Construction continues on Stanford 2 Apple Store, revealing new design

ifoAppleStore published a number of photos today showing construction of the new Stanford 2 Apple Store in northern California. The store uses a new "glass box and floating roof design" that allows passersby to get a great view of the interior of the store. This same design is allegedly being use...

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Stanford offers free iOS app development course on iTune U again

Stanford is offering its online iOS App development course starting this month, according to a report in MacRumors. Coding Together: Developing Apps for iPhone and iPad is one of the most popular courses on iTunes U and its latest version steps students through iOS 6 development. The course u...

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IDEO founder David Kelley talks about Steve Jobs on 60 Minutes

David Kelley is a well-known entrepreneur and design professor at Stanford. The IDEO founder recently sat down and talked to 60 Minutes about his life, his work at IDEO and his time at Stanford. A small part of the segment also discusses his interactions with Steve Jobs and Apple. Kelley's desi...

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DevJuice: Stanford iTunes U course on iOS dev launches free textbook

If you're a fan of the highly popular Stanford iTunes U course on iOS development (CS193P), you'll be happy to learn that an official companion text is now available on iBooks. iPad and iPhone App Development covers the latest release of Xcode and the newest Objective C enhancements. Approximate...

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Apple Store rendering shows another glass box in California

Anyone who has visited the Stanford Shopping Center cant miss the black sheeting that covers Apple's upcoming retail store, says a Palo Alto Online report. The new store will occupy two vacant storefronts and eventually will replace a mini-store that's located nearby. Residents can see the brea...

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Should Apple build a museum on the new campus?

Computer historian David Greelish argues in a blog post that Apple should build a museum on the grounds of its new Cupertino campus. He points out that the flying ring-shaped office will attract everyone from architects to Apple fans who want to check out the unique building. Apple, Greelish ...

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Stanford University and Apple: A beautiful relationship

Apple, Inc. and Stanford University go together like apple pie and ice cream -- they're outstanding on their own, but put them together and you have something very special. USA Today's Talking Tech reported on the close ties between Apple and Stanford in a posting and video last week. Many pe...

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Dev Juice: Stanford updates courses to iOS 5

Stanford's extremely popular series of iPad and iPhone development classes have been updated to iOS 5. Join instructor Paul Hegarty for a series of 9 lectures (to date) that cover basic iOS application design. Topics in this iTunes U series include model-view-controller basics, Objective C, cont...

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Ukranian Defense Chief seemingly plagiarizes Steve Jobs' graduation speech

Raisa Bogatyrev, the Ukrainian Secretary of National Security and Defense, is causing a stir with her recent graduation speech at Kiev-Mohyla Academy. According to transcripts, her speech was eerily similar to a commencement address delivered by Steve Jobs to the 2005 graduating class at Stanfo...

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Apple joining effort to build $2 billion hospital

Apple has joined up with other computer firms, including eBay, HP and Intel, in an effort to build a brand new hospital in Stanford, near Palo Alto, CA. The hospital is expected to cost over US$2 billion, and $550 million of that will be donated and raised by the corporate partners program, which A...

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Over one million downloads for Stanford's iPhone dev course

Here's a telling sign of the popularity of iPhone development: we posted about an online course being offered by Stanford just a few months ago, and in that time, the course has been downloaded over a million times through iTunes. The director of iTunes U at Apple says this is the fastest any course...

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iPhone developers get Ivy League edu-mu-cation

If you're an aspiring iPhone developer looking to hone your skills or a seasoned veteran who is willing to accept there is more to learn, then has Stanford University got a deal for you. Stanford and Apple have teamed up to offer course materials from Stanford's undergraduate program for iPhone deve...

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Stanford students writing iPhone apps

Back in July, we reported on an iPhone programming course being developed and offered by Stanford University. The course is in full swing this fall, with a reported 80 students signed up. Stanford has also started a project that is beginning to bear fruit in the form of iPhone and iPod touch apps --...

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