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Tag: Steve Jobs

Judge denies request to release video of Steve Jobs deposition

Just one day after Apple emerged victorious in its iPod antitrust lawsuit, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers ruled that there was no overwhelming "public interest" in releasing videotaped deposition testimony of Steve Jobs taken a few months before his passing. Earlier in the month, a trio of news...

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Apple I sells for "only" $365,000 at auction

With the original Apple computers - AKA Apple I or Apple-1 - being as scarce as the proverbial hens teeth, prices for the units hand-built by Steve Wozniak and sold by Steve Jobs have been soaring into the stratosphere. As an example, in October of 2014, the Henry Ford Museum purchased an Apple ...

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Apple fires back hard at news organizations for demanding to see Steve Jobs depo video

As anticipated, Apple has taken an extremely strong stance against a request from three news organizations to see the release of a videotaped deposition of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The deposition itself was conducted in April of 2011, a few months before Jobs passed. A motion from the news organ...

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News organizations fight to have tape of Steve Jobs video deposition released to the public

During Apple's ongoing iPod antitrust lawsuit, the plaintiffs introduced video testimony from Steve Jobs that was recorded in April 2011, a few months before his passing. Per Apple's request to the plaintiffs, Jobs' video footage has not been made public. Now comes word via CNET that a trio of ne...

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In videotaped deposition, Steve Jobs talks DRM and dealing with record labels

Six months before he passed away, Steve Jobs sat down for a videotaped deposition to answer questions connected to Apple's ongoing iPod antitrust class action lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that Apple improperly enacted measures to render songs downloaded from competing music services unplayable o...

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Jimmy Iovine named one of GQ's Men of the Year, talks Apple Beats deal

Jimmy Iovine joined Apple during the $3 billion acquisition of Beats earlier this year, the largest purchase in Apple's history. Needless to say, it's been a good year for Iovine. Now the mogul has been named one of GQ's Men of the Year and in his interview for the award, Iovine gives details on wh...

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Old Steve Jobs emails resurface as part of iPod antitrust lawsuit

It's hard to believe that in 2014, we're still talking about the iPod as a monopoly. Hell, it's strange that we're even talking about the iPod at all. But thanks to a slow winding judicial process, a class action suit against Apple stemming from its business practices in the mid-2000s is getting...

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Buy the Steve Jobs monument that was too gay for Russia for $95,000

The iPhone-esque Steve Jobs tribute statue that was unceremoniously dismantled in the wake of Tim Cook's public acknowledgement of his sexual orientation is now up for sale in Russia. The statue, which was originally erected in 2011, was designed to honor the accomplishments of Steve Jobs and is a...

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Steve Jobs has been awarded almost 150 new patents since his death

Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011, in Palo Alto, CA, leaving behind a legacy of technological innovation and having built one of the largest companies in the world. At the time of his death Jobs had been awarded 317 patents over the course of his life, an incredible portfolio for anyone. But somet...

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12 lessons for entrepreneurs that Steve Jobs taught Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is well-known in the entrepreneurial world as an author and speaker, and he often seasons his speeches and texts with stories about his times at Apple. I say "times" because Kawasaki often claims that he's one of the only people who ever worked for Steve Jobs twice and survived. Inc. ...

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Susan Kare selling replicas of the Mac team's "pirate flag"

If the interior components of the original Macintosh were the heart of the device, then many of the graphic elements designed by Susan Kare were its soul. Kare designed fonts for the Mac, created many of the icons that graced the Mac for many years, and is even responsible for the Command Key sym...

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Rare photos show NeXT-era Jobs doing his best to change the world

Yesterday we brought you news of a Wired photo gallery with a few great early Steve Jobs photos from Doug Menuez's book Fearless Genius. Today, we bring you some more glimpses into Silicon Valley's golden age that Menuez has decided to share with us, along with his own insights and recollections...

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Photos from Silicon Valley's early years show Jobs in his natural habitat

If you want an unfiltered glimpse into the early days of Silicon Valley, look no further than the recently released Doug Menuez book Fearless Genius. A photojournalist in the thick of the early tech revolution, Menuez spent much of his time from 1985 to 2000 documenting the companies and faces tha...

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Christian Bale no longer set to play Steve Jobs in upcoming Aaron Sorkin flick

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Christian Bale has pulled out of the Aaron Sorkin penned Steve Jobs biopic. The report claims that Bale decided to withdraw from the film because he felt he wasn't right for the role. Sources say Bale, after much deliberation and conflicting feelings, cam...

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Walter Isaacson: "Steve Jobs' favorite product was the Apple Team"

In a new interview with Big Think, Walter Isaacson, author of The Innovators: How a group of Inventors. Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks, Created the Digital Revolution, explains what Steve Jobs told him product he was most proud of being a part of. The answer: the Apple Team. The shared vision o...

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