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Daily Mac App: Sunset

Sometimes your screen is just too bright in the evenings. For the sake of your eyes, Sunset lets you reduce the brightness of your monitor below that of the standard brightness controls and without having to adjust the backlight. If you reduce the brightness of your screen using the on-board ...

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What will iPad magazine covers look like?

Jesse Rosten, a director in Northern California, asked himself what a magazine cover on the iPad should look like. He came up with the incredibly sweet Sunset Magazine mock up above. Jesse notes that until now, books and magazines have been traditionally portrait in orientation and film and TV ...

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Sunset: an FPS RPG for the iPhone

This is the last thing I expected to see a day before Jobs is (hopefully) destined to reveal what can be done with the iPhone SDK, but nevertheless here it is. Donald Hays sent us a link to "Sunset," which is a game he wrote for the iPhone. I was skeptical when he described it as "a 3D RPG," because...

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