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Dear Aunt TUAW: ZDnet switcher has some wires crossed

Auntie knows that some of her correspondents don't get around to sending in their questions promptly -- in some cases, not at all. This week, she's handed over the perfumed stationery to nephew TJ, who has a bit of a bee in his bonnet over Ken Hess's account of his first week with the Mac, published...

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iOS Task Switcher concept explores feature's potential

The Verge forums user Sentry posted the concept art you see above for the (underutilized) iOS task switcher, and I think it's awesome. Sentry's vision adds a lot of worthwhile information to the multitask bar without sacrificing the clear layout. The app thumbnails are great, but I really lik...

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Switcher Profile: Apple's 'halo effect' claims former editor of Windows Magazine

Cult of Mac writer Mike Elgan recently detailed the years-long process that convinced him to switch to the Mac. His story is fairly typical of many switchers: Once a die-hard PC evangelist, his first Apple product was the iPod, which he appreciated for its ease of use. The iPhone eventually con...

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Barack Obama and the iPad-in-Chief

US President Barack Obama has been well-known for his love of RIM's BlackBerry, at least until last year when he admitted that the device is now "no fun" because of the security strictures he faces as Commander-in-Chief. The President has also said that technology in the White House is "30 year...

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UltraEdit makes the leap to Mac OS X

UltraEdit for Mac was officially released this month. A favorite of Windows developers, UltraEdit was first released in 1994 as one of the earliest "Notepad" replacement text editors for programmers on Windows. When you use your computer for programming, you live in your text editor. Mac deve...

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Switcher Profile: Joshua Kors has no idea how to use a Mac, returns it

Investigative reporter Joshua Kors recently switched to the Mac ... then switched right back. It turns out that he and his iMac weren't a good fit for one another. That's potentially understandable; switching to the Mac is easier for some people than for others. If a switcher doesn't have anyone th...

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Ed Bott's side-by-side Mac and PC experiment

ZDNet's Microsoft reporter Ed Bott is switching to a Mac. It's not forever and not in the way that you may be thinking, but for the time being he has decided to get serious about a side-by-side Mac and PC comparison he started over a year ago. Using a Mac mini and an HP Pavilion Elite desktop connec...

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Wirecast 4 delivers live video switching, webcast streaming

The cost of doing live TV-style production has plummeted in the past decade. Not so long ago, doing a live multi-camera shoot would require a studio and switching equipment that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Then along came the NewTek Tricaster, which delivered much of the func...

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Switch 101: A guide to using OS X

As the resident Mac expert for my family and friends, I often find myself fielding questions from the recent switchers in my life. A lot of those questions come in the form of "how do I <insert random Windows task here>?" Apparently Apple's support folk have also encountered this phenomenon a...

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5 tips for switchers

Every now and then I'll have an "I never knew about that" moment as I come across a setting or nuance in Mac OS X that I never realized existed. Take, for instance, character viewer, which allows you to display a variety of characters in your document. Whether you're a switcher or seasoned Mac vete...

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Giving or getting a Mac for the holidays? 10 apps every new Mac user needs

All new Macs come with great bundled software. Between the iLife suite, Safari, iTunes, and TextEdit, plus the ability to access and use cloud applications for free, almost all of the most basic modern computing needs get met for most users. That said, having used four different Macs over the pas...

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Get your thinking caps on, MacHeist is back

Software bundles seem to be all the rage nowadays, but in my humble opinion, MacHeist is still the best. It doesn't just lump a bunch of apps together for special price, but instead, it turns getting a discount into a game. As a recent Mac switcher, I was utterly confused by MacHeist 3, the first...

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Macminicolo writes up their state of the Mac mini

Steve Sande actually did a brilliant job of explaining just why the Mac mini is so awesome the other day (and we've certainly had our share of mini-love here on the site before), but this is worth a read as well if you're interested in Apple's littlest Mac. Macminicolo, the very company that Steve ...

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Mac 101: Forward delete on a Mac laptop

Welcome back to Mac 101, our series of tips for new and novice Mac users. We've had a few questions about a forward delete functionality on Mac laptops lately, but the question isn't new. We realized that we sometimes take our readers for granted... little tips like this are actually huge news fo...

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The sordid past of Mac OS X

If you're a relative newcomer to the Mac (read: halo switchers inspired by iPod/iPhone) then chances are pretty good that you and OS X (Oh-Ess Ten) don't have a very long history together. In fact, switchers who were enticed by the iPod/iTunes ecosystem would likely not have any experience with the ...

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