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Syfy relaunches iOS apps with full episode streaming

Syfy has relaunched its iOS app as Syfy Now, adding support for watching full Syfy series episodes the day after they air. From the announcement in the app's listing: The Syfy App for iPhone is getting a brand new name and some shiny new features! It's been reborn as Syfy Now, but is still the d...

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iBook Lessons: Beyond the Story ships interactive book app for Almighty Johnsons, the best show you're not watching

The Almighty Johnsons is probably the best show you're not watching -- unless you live in Canada. Although the show airs in New Zealand as well, the viewer numbers there are roughly enough to put together a basketball team. On a good day. Crude, vulgar, hilarious and touching, the show is surpris...

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Time Warner Cable iPad app adds channels to replace pulled ones

I never thought I'd be writing about Time Warner Cable as an advocate for consumers getting more content, but sure enough, that's what the cable provider has become. After being forced to remove some channels from its newly-introduced streaming iPad app, TWC has added a whole list of new channe...

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Chuck vs. Sanctuary smackdown: Which product tie in wins?

Two shows. Two iPhone tie ins. One TUAW fighting ring. Two will enter; one will leave. Whose cuisine will reign supreme? No wait, that's Iron Chef. Anyway, which show's tie in will take the crown and walk away with the "Worth Downloading" title? Let's have a quick look. In the left corner, wearing ...

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