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Ed Bott's side-by-side Mac and PC experiment

ZDNet's Microsoft reporter Ed Bott is switching to a Mac. It's not forever and not in the way that you may be thinking, but for the time being he has decided to get serious about a side-by-side Mac and PC comparison he started over a year ago. Using a Mac mini and an HP Pavilion Elite desktop connec...

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Ask TUAW: Automatic file sorting, Disk Utility, iPod battery replacement, and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly troubleshooting Q&A column. This week we've got questions about automatically sorting downloaded files, using Disk Utility to change partitions and format external drives, using a KVM in a multi-platform environment, replacing an iPod touch battery, and more....

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TUAW Desktop of the Week

This week's TUAW Desktop is a bit on the dark side ladies and gents; dark and interesting. Titled Blackness and Hailing from Flickr user Matt Lew (who *ahem* failed to include any details of what he has going on here), the primary ingredient here is the Ecto Wallpaper Pack which can be had at dev...

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How-to: Sharing Keyboards and Mice with Synergy

Barb, over at Engadget, has posted a very detailed how to by Fabienne Serriere on using Synergy to share keyboard and mouse in real-time with multiple computers and she covers the Mac end of things nicely. Of course, I posted about using Synergy to control a dual Mac and PC setup a couple o...

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