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This iPad foosball table almost nails it

I really wanted this foosball table to be awesome. It's not bad, but you'll soon discover there's a bit of a flaw, especially if you play foosball regularly. The table itself is basically an accessory for the app Classic Match Foosball (the app is free, of course). From New Potato Tech, the tab...

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Multi-iPad table moves from concept to reality

Here's an item that would spice up any living room -- although it might be a budget-buster. The iPad table, a project of the Universal Mind interactive agency in Grand Rapids, links 15 iPads together to create one synchronized display. The co-creator of the iPad table, Joe Johnston (who put i...

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iBook Lessons: Creating Amazon KDP tables of contents on MS Word for Macintosh

For whatever reason, many Amazon authors seem to be under the impression that you can only create a proper table of contents for Kindle Direct Publishing on Windows, not the Mac. Having just uploaded our newest book (Getting Ready for Mountain Lion) to Amazon, Steve Sande and I have invested a l...

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Plug your iPad into a 150-inch touch display

Earlier this year, Crunchy Logistics unveiled an interactive, multi-touch table to rival Microsoft's surface devices. The LED table had 36 touch-points and supported common gestures like swipe and pinch-to-zoom. It's literally the size of a conference table. Best of all, the Florida company has...

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iPhone table connector project gets a demo video

What's better than an iPhone, or even an iPad for that matter? How about a table with full multi-touch capabilities that just requires a simple cable connection from your iPhone? That's exactly what the guys at Table.Connect (their website isn't currently up and running) are demonstrating in the vi...

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G4 tower table

The door to my garage doesn't have one of those elf doors or a potted plant or concrete gnome. A couple of years ago I acquired a dead G4 tower, the model affectionately termed "mirrored drive door G4." After gutting it down to the fan and a few cables, I set it outside my door. Why? Sometimes I'm c...

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Concerto table has built in iPod dock, speakers

It's the problem that has plagued humankind since October 23, 2001: Where do I get a piano-shaped table with a built-in iPod dock and speakers? We all want one, but they're just so hard to find. Fear not, dear readers. TUAW has the answer for you. The Concerto table is shaped like a grand piano, has...

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