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Apple introduces OS X Mavericks at WWDC 2013

Apple has run out of cat names for its new OS, so it's gone to a California theme. The next OS X will be... ta da... OS X Mavericks. Apple claims the new release, OS X 10.9, will have deep improvements in battery life and finder tabs. Apple is also adding tagging, which will enhance search grea...

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Apple unveils vew version of Safari that syncs tabs, supports gestures

During its presentation on OS X Mountain Lion, Apple unveiled a new version of Safari that'll improve your desktop browsing experience. The new Safari will have the "fastest javascript engine of any browser on the planet" and "lightning fast page loading," said Craig Federighi during the WWDC k...

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Daily Mac App: Tab Launcher

For many people, it's kind of pointless to go searching for a Dock replacement. The Dock itself is one of the most attractive features of OS X and is actually one of the things that lured me into adopting Macs at home seven years ago. But when you have a smaller screen to work with, especially on...

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Use SSH scripts to share Safari tabs between two Macs

Our own Brett Terpstra developed two SSH scripts that let you share Safari browser tabs between multiple Macs. This method is perfect for those Mac users with an iMac or a Mac Pro as their main work machine and a Mac laptop as a secondary machine for checking email, instant messaging or light b...

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Sleipnir Mobile browser 1.0 for iPhone released

Here's an intriguing browser for the iPhone coming out of Japan just in time for Christmas. It comes to us courtesy of Fenrir Inc, the same company who brought us the Sleipnir browser for the Mac Windows which is currently on version 2.96 with 3.0 in development. Billed as a "web browser with high...

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TotalFinder beefs up Finder

A new "hack" for Finder is in the works, and it's pretty darn cool. TotalFinder adds tabs, Visor-like functionality and a few other goodies (with more on the way) to your plain, vanilla Finder setup. If you're skittish, though, don't jump just yet. TotalFinder is alpha, and not in that way that d...

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Apple offers Safari beta 4 for Mac and Windows

Well, it's Tuesday, and that often means a software release from Apple. Today, both Mac and Windows users can scarf up a beta copy of Safari 4, with many new and desirable features. Here's a download link for those who are ready to go. The new browser features: Cover Flow -- You can browse thr...

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Adium 1.1 released with new tabs, iChat importing and much more

Adium, the reigning king of 3rd party multi-network chatting on the Mac, has been updated to v1.1, but don't be fooled: even though it appears to be a minor x.1 update, there's a pretty significant list of changes here. Tabs seem to be all new, with the ability to move the tab list to any side of th...

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eBuddy reveals iPhone multi-network chat client

While Meebo is still working on optimizing their web-based chat service for the iPhone, a new player by the name of eBuddy is joining the ranks of FlickIM, JiveTalk and Trillian Astra. Already doing business like Meebo as a web-based, multi-network chat service, eBuddy has just announced an alpha ve...

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TabExposť: Safari gets Exposť for its tabs

Move over Shiira, cuz there's another browser in town that can bring the power of Exposé to its tabs. Cocoamug Software's TabExposé enables Safari (even the new v3 beta) with a configurable shortcut key to display the current window's tabs in an Exposé-style layout. To be sur...

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Google Summer of Code kicks off with Camino, Adium, Thunderbird and more

Google's Summer of Code is a really cool, really massive project focused on open source that first started back in 2005. It functions on a pretty simple concept: the company gives out grants to student developers (this summer they brought on 900 from a list of 6,200 applicants) to work on open sourc...

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Mac 101: Navigating Safari Tabs

TUAW reader Jason wrote in asking us how to switch between open tabs in Safari. If you're using tabbed browsing in Safari, it may not be immediately obvious how to navigate other than to click on the tab you want to view. Fortunately, Apple did build in keyboard shortcuts: to cycle left between tab...

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Smultron: open source tabbed text editor hits version 3.0

It's true, I admit it, I have a bit of a thing for tabbed text editors (I'm seeking counseling). Anyway, I've discovered yet another one. Peter Borg (who is also behind the very cool Lingon launchd utility) has just released version 3 of his Smultron open-source text editor (with vertical tabs). Th...

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CSSEdit 2.5 brings tabs, X-ray Inspector and more

MacRabbit has released CSSEdit 2.5, a significant update to their fantastic CSS editing and manipulating application. As if CSSEdit 2.0 didn't bring enough cool features, v2.5 is almost like sneaking a peek at your v3.0 birthday presents that are stashed away in your parent's closet the day befor...

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Sticky WIndows 2.0: universal and more

We last mentioned Sticky Windows over a year ago, and now finally the window clutter tab utility has finally been updated to version 2.0 as a universal binary. Sticky Windows allows you to create a tab from any window. You just drag the window to the edge of the screen and it shrinks down into the t...

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