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Productivity Tip: Read the manual, or take a class

There was a time when Mac owners scoffed at their PC-loving counterparts, who had to pore over paper manuals to grok the essentials of a software program before they tried to use it. When graphical user interfaces were introduced, a lot of focus was on making software intuitive and easy to use....

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iBook Lessons: Take Control of iBooks Author

iBook Lessons is a continuing series about ebook writing and publishing. Michael E. Cohen is an ebook designer, instructional software developer and the author of "Take Control of iBooks Author". This new book introduces iBooks Author to users, and discusses publication through the iBookstore. ...

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Take Control of Running Windows on a Mac, Third Edition

Joe Kissell is an extraordinary Mac writer, so when he took on the task of writing the first edition of Take Control of Running Windows on a Mac a few years ago, I knew he was going to do an amazing job. Joe has just finished writing the third edition of this book, which covers every possible metho...

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Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac: 2nd Edition

Take Control Books has just published the second edition of Andy Affleck's popular Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac ebook. Anyone interested in getting started with podcasting or improving the quality of their current podcasts should read this ebook. Take Control of Podcasting on the Mac: Secon...

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Take Control of Back to My Mac / Screen Sharing in Leopard

Glenn Fleishman of Macworld, Wi-Fi Networking News and TidBITS fame has written two new Leopard ebooks, both published today by Take Control Books. The new titles, Take Control of Back to My Mac and Take Control of Screen Sharing in Leopard, are part of the popular Take Control ebook series. Take C...

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Take Control of .Mac ebook revised, just in time for name change

Take Control Books has published the second edition of Joe Kissell's Take Control of .Mac eBook. The new version covers the use of Apple's .Mac service with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and iLife '08, with detailed information about: Changes to .Mac in Leopard Adding movies and photos to a Web Galler...

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New eBook explains Leopard's permissions

Despite John Gruber's longstanding assertion that "Repair Disk Permissions is voodoo," Brian Tanaka has published "Take Control of Permissions in Leopard" for the Take Control series of eBooks. It's part troubleshooting (how to delete stuck files, for example), part tips and tricks (the best ways to...

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Take Control eBooks 20% off via MacSanta today

Still looking for gifts for your friendly neighborhood switcher or new Leopard user? Nothing says "I love you, but I'm sadly incapable of planning ahead and getting organized enough to buy actual, physical presents" like the gift of eBooks. Well, maybe cash says that too. Anyway, if you were in the ...

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Take Control books for Leopard help ease the transition

You haven't upgraded to Leopard yet -- what's the rush? -- but your friends and family are nudging you to make the move. Need reassurance, support and a helping hand to make the process easier and free of aggravation? The Take Control crew is there for you, with five ebooks aimed at Leopard upgrades...

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