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Radical.FM launches free, user-supported digital streaming radio for iPhone

Streaming radio services are pretty common for iPhone; with the release of iOS 7, for example, iPhone users will have access to iRadio, Apple's own streaming radio service. Also in existence at this time are Pandora, Spotify, BBC iPlayer and others. Now a new streaming service, Radical.FM, is arrivi...

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Apple now owns the trademark to The Beatles' Apple Corps Logo

Apple and The Beatles have had a contentious relationship for years. The Beatles Apple Corps company felt Apple's logo -- and the company's eventual foray into digital music -- infringed on their trademark Apple Corps logo. Then in 2007, Apple, Inc. and Apple Corps Ltd. finally settled trademar...

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Apple gets iPad dictation instructions wrong (Updated)

As a writer, I know how hard it can be to write without spelling, grammar or punctuation errors 100% of the time. That's why I find my editors (and sometimes even readers) extremely helpful when they point out a mistake. A few years ago I showed that Apple had posted wrong information about wha...

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iTunes offers first Beatles ringtones

Apple started selling albums from The Beatles last year and now the company has released a set of ringtones taken from the band's most popular albums. The selections span a wide range of titles including early titles like A Hard Day's Night and later tracks like the 1970 chart-topper Let It Be. Yo...

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Apple to stream live Paul McCartney Concert to iTunes, Apple TV

Good news for Beatles and music fans. Later this week, Apple is hosting a free live stream of a Paul McCartney concert. McCartney will be performing from Capitol Studios in an event that celebrates the release of McCartney's latest album, Kisses on the Bottom. You'll need to fire up iTunes or your...

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Apple airs new Beatles-themed ad: Covers

Apple recently aired a new iTunes ad called "Covers." It's an animated compilation of The Beatles album covers set to the song "Magical Mystery Tour." The ad presumably is celebrating The Beatles one-year anniversary on iTunes. Last week Apple also released the free Yellow Submarine animated ...

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Are The Beatles responsible for music's digital growth in 2011?

Nielsen announced yesterday that music sales in the US are up 1.6 percent in 2011. That might not seem like a lot, but for the embattled music industry, any growth is good news. Interestingly, Nielsen seems to ascribe the growth of music sales to The Beatles' deal with Apple. As Nielsen says in...

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The Beatles sell 5 million songs on iTunes

The Loop reports that The Beatles have sold 5 million songs and 1 million albums since going on sale in the iTunes Store last November. So far, the most popular Beatles song download is "Here Comes the Sun," while the band's top-selling album is "Abbey Road." Last week we reported that The Beatle...

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The Beatles invade iTunes charts within 12 hours

It's been just over 24 hours since the release of The Beatles' complete back catalogue on iTunes and they are already dominating the album charts in a rather unusual way. In fact, as reported by MacObserver, within 12 hours of availability The Beatles had 15 albums placed in the Top 40 best-selling ...

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Win a limited edition set of Beatles MusicSkins from TUAW

Although you still can't get your Beatles fix through the iTunes Store, Apple Corps has made a license agreement with MusicSkins, the maker of music-related vinyl skin products for electronic devices. As a result, you can now purchase Beatles personal device skins featuring the Beatles logo and cov...

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Prepare for digital music from the Beatles -- but not on iTunes

In a limited run of 30,000 units, Apple Corps Ltd. will be releasing the Beatles' remastered catalog for your consumption in a green apple USB device. Unfortunately, I didn't say anything about iTunes in that sentence... It looks like the Apples still can't play nice together, so we're left to drea...

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Steve invites the Beatles to iTunes

After emerging victorious in the trademark dispute between Apple Computer and Apple Corps, Steve is extending the olive branch to the record label. In a statement made to Macworld, Steve said, "...We have always loved the Beatles, and hopefully we can now work together to get them on the iTunes Musi...

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