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Tag: The Store Is Down

The Apple store is down for Keynote Monday

Happy Keynote Monday everyone! We're getting ready for all of today's events, and it seems like Apple is too. What are you looking forward to most?...

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The Apple Store is down, updated iMacs coming?

Deck the hall with boughs of iMacs[1], fa la la la la la la la la. 'Tis the season for hardware refreshes, fa la la la la la la la la. Don we now our Apple apparel, fa la la la la la la la la. For this jolly update carol , fa la la la la la la la la. [1] At least we hope so. What do ...

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Apple Store is down, most likely adding white iPhone

The online Apple Store is indeed down, most likely because of the addition of the white iPhone. The phone is now on sale internationally, so it makes sense for the store to go offline while the phone, and associated marketing, is added to the Apple Store. Thanks to all our awesome tipsters out ...

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The Apple Store is DOWN

As expected, the Apple Store has gone down in anticipation of today's hosted media event. Can you sense the antici (wait for it)... TUAW will be here metaliveblogging all the excitement and happenings. So make sure to come back and spend iPad Day with your friends at TUAW, where we gleefully br...

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Apple Store offline... and back up with no changes

Yup, the US store is down. Couldn't tell you why just yet, but if you really wanted to buy that new MacBook Air this evening, you'll have to wait until it comes back up. When we see something new, we'll post about it here -- or just stay tuned to the comments on this post! What could it be? A Ma...

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The US online Apple Store is down, and back up

Yes, yes. We know! The store is DOWN! Thank you everyone who sent in a tip to let us know. And now it's once again time to play our favorite waiting game: Guess What's Gonna Be New In The Store Before It Comes Back Up. You know where the comments are. Let's play! Update: Back up, now with...

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The store is down... and back up

The Apple Store is down again. And we are, once again, glued to our monitors, constantly refreshing the display. Is the Apple Store nothing but a giant, international Skinner Box? Maybe store outages have nothing to do with WebObjects and everything to do with operant conditioning? What do y...

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The sticky is up and the Store is down (Update: And back up)

I'm lying alone with my head on the Mac Thinking of Apple 'til it hurts The store is down, so what can we do? Tormented and waiting, We're all out of Store, we're so lost without it, We'll be right, believing for so long... We're all out of Store, what are we with out it? It won't be too l...

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The store is back up!

The Yellow Sticky Note of Doom is back and the Apple Store has once again gone down. What could those evil Apple Geniuses be up to at the main Apple Store site? Are they planning? Scheming? Plotting to Take Over The World? Here at TUAW, we have a basic rule of thumb: the store becoming unavail...

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Oh dear; the Apple Store is back up

Oh gracious heavens. Is the Apple Store down again? How does that keep happening? Well, well. We here at TUAW are all waiting with anxious anticipation, as we wonder what delicious developments will arise when the store returns. Got any predictions? Leave them in the comments. And when the s...

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The Store is...back up, no obvious changes.

Don't you love it when the yellow sticky appears? Never quite knowing whether it's going to be good news (usually on Tuesdays) or nothing much but maintenance (usually on Sundays). TUAW just tingles with anticipation. We're waiting right along with you, trying to guess what the latest developmen...

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The store was DOWN...and now it's not

And a one.. And a two... The Store is DOWN The Store is DOWN Oh yes the Store, the Store is DOWN Oh lord, I hope that there will be goodies When the Store come back around... Trust me, it sounds a lot more musical after you've had a few drinks. Anyway, keep an eye on it and let us kn...

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Apple Store is down, apologies to Julie Andrews

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens Mac mini refreshes And warm woolen mittens Brown paper packages from Fedex on wing These are a few of my favorite things Cream colored ponies and crisp Apple strudels Doorbells and sleigh bells and iMacs with noodles MacBooks and Pros, Apple logos that sin...

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Australian Store is Down. Yellow Sticky held for Ransom. Panic in the Street

Widespread panic has ensued as the Australian Apple Store went down and its Yellow Sticky went missing. TUAW has received an anonymous ransom demand for the safe return of the sticky. This is apparently not a joke [1] . While we wait with bated breath -- both for word about the safe return of our y...

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OMG OMG Alarums and Excursions: The STORE is DOWN

As doth the store not respondSo doth our hearts leap in excitement. Behold. The Store respondeth not. Who knows what fearful Mac or iPod. Apple has framed with its Ive-like symmetry. For verily, it may be maintenance.Update It's baaaaaaack. Nothing new to report....

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