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Ten apps you should know

Our friends at The Apple Blog (TAB for those in the know) have compiled a list of ten apps you might not know about but should. I am familiar with all the apps on the list, but there are only two that I use on a regular basis: Democracy and Paparazzi!, but they are all fine apps. Check out the list ...

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Customizable Mac Pros available at Apple Retail Stores

Apple is trying out something new with the Mac Pro: one base configuration and endless configuration possibilities, including adding more RAM, hard drives and the like. Apple claims that this scheme gives people more flexibility than their old way of having three models to choose amongst. The first ...

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TAB looks at FTP clients

For anyone involved in the day-to-day running of a website, a good reliable FTP client is vital to getting anything done. But with so many options available for users to choose from, how is a person to decide which client is right for them? Mike over at The Apple Blog provides some assistance in th...

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Quicksilver screencast at the Apple Blog

Quicksilver, you either love it with all your heart or just don't get it. We here at TUAW are Quicksilver boosters (I've said it before, and I'll say it again, a Mac without Quicksilver doesn't seem like a Mac to me). It would seem that we are not the only Apple centric blog on the block that is cra...

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