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iOS users are the biggest porn hounds

Which smartphone users partake in mobile pornography the most? According to Pornhub's data, the majority of the site's smartphone traffic comes from Android users, who make up just over 48%. iOS, trails behind with a little over 40%, while the remainder is made up of Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and...

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Traffic Cam Viewer for iOS is free and easy to use

Traffic Cam apps are pretty popular. Traffic Cam Viewer (free for a limited time) is basic but does the job, and it works for traffic cameras just about anywhere in the world. Most of the traffic apps are specific to a region or particular road, while Traffic Cam Viewer can be set to view cameras al...

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ETA is a helpful app for estimating your arrival time

ETA (U$1.99 on sale for a brief time) is a helpful app that estimates the driving time from your current location to your destination, taking local traffic tie-ups into consideration. To get started, you type in the name or address of a destination, clicking the '+' button to add it to your list. O...

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Google has purchased Waze

Google announced in a blog post today that it is acquiring social traffic company Waze. This announcement is not surprising as Google was rumored to be close to inking a deal with the Israeli startup. Google was one of many suitors reportedly courting Waze -- earlier rumors hinted at a potential d...

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How to turn off Google Now and keep your battery charged

Google has recently added its Google Now service into its search app for iOS, but there's one big drawback to getting constant weather, traffic, and other local information on your phone: Location Services runs constantly. You can tell by the little arrow icon up in the corner of your home scree...

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Waze maps respond to road closings

Waze (free) is a fun mashup of GPS navigation, social networking and gaming apps that uses the information gathered from the location of users' phones to offer directions and live traffic reports. As reported by Joshua Brustein of the New York Times Bits blog, Waze is now able to change maps in...

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Shazam mention, blackout at Super Bowl drives mobile engagement

Velti is a firm that runs advertising on mobile platforms like iOS and Android, and they were paying close attention during last Sunday's Super Bowl game to how and when mobile users were on their phones. The company has released a few tidbits about mobile usage during the big showdown, and the...

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Just Landed is a neat twist on travel apps

There are lots of travel apps, but Just Landed from Little Details is really different and handy. This app is not for the traveler, but for the person picking someone up at the airport. Just Landed (US $0.99 for the iPhone) tracks a flight you are going to meet and sends an alert when it is tim...

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iOS and Android make for fastest tech adoption ever

Mobile marketing and analytics firm Flurry has another great research post up, this time about the speed of adoption for both iOS and Android. This one goes a little far into comparing apples and oranges, so to speak, but it's still interesting. Flurry notes that both iOS and Android app usages...

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Waze adds gas prices to its consumer-powered traffic app

Waze is a socially-driven traffic app that we've posted about before. Today, the company has released a big update: Gas prices. Now, in addition to browsing socially-driven information about traffic, accidents, and speed traps, you can search your area for the cheapest prices and get directions...

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New iPad already five percent of iPad web traffic

According to mobile ad network Chitika, Apple's new iPad, which has already sold millions of units despite being available for less than a week, is already blowing up in network usage. The latest numbers from the ad network say that more than five percent of the total iPad traffic is from just ...

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Talking Points Memo sees Windows visitors decline, Mac and iOS users soar

The progressive left-leaning political news site Talking Points Memo issued an interesting set of (non-partisan) statistics that shows just how much the share of total devices running Microsoft Windows has declined in the last five years. As you can see from the chart above, in 2006 78% of visi...

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Garmin offers real-time traffic cam photos and a bargain price for StreetPilot Onboard app

Garmin has an innovative way to help you beat the holiday traffic. It's the StreetPilot USA Onboard app update, released today, and it includes an option for an in-app purchase of traffic camera images from any of 10,000 cameras across the US and Canada. The option will cost US $9.95 per year. ...

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For the holidays and beyond: INRIX Traffic

Think about the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US and you think of travel to see family and friends, and fighting congested highways and roads. It's a holiday fact of life. Here's a suggestion for a bit of relief: the Inrix Traffic app for iOS. It's free (and no ads) and it provides real-time t...

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Waze makes plans to deal with LA's Carmageddon

Here in Los Angeles, there's a cataclysmic event about to happen. No, it's not the next earthquake (as far as we know) or an alien invasion. It's Carmageddon, which is what the locals have started calling a closure period over July 16 and 17 where the city will shut down the 405 highway from th...

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