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Improve your 10K run time with 10K Forever

The 10K Forever app is intended for runners who already are able to run a 10K distance or about 6.25 miles. The goal of the app is to take the users through an eight week training program designed to improve their 10K times and overall fitness. This universal app costs US$3.99 and requires iOS 8...

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Origin Stories: EpicSesh aims to improve sports tracking with Xensr

While the iPhone has GPS, and it's good enough for most people, performance-oriented athletes may find the precision lacking. Enter EpicSesh, makers of the Xensr line of "sports motion-sensing devices." While it looks like the sensors are still undergoing testing, the promise is that athletes will...

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Why is Facebook's app so much better lately? Ask Big Nerd Ranch

Facebook's official iOS app has been improving by leaps and bounds lately. First it went native, and then added a series of great new features and redesigned elements piece by piece. In fact, if you were a conspiracy theorist, you might think that Facebook was getting a little help -- and in th...

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CES Unveiled: The HAPIfork aims to help you track your eating habits with Bluetooth

CES Unveiled was held last night in the Mandalay Bay conference center in Las Vegas, and served as the unofficial kickoff of one of the biggest gadget shows in the world. The Unveiled room was crowded with new product demos, but one product stood out: The HAPIfork. The HAPIfork, as you might ...

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Sprint to increase in-store service for iPhone customers

A Sprint training doc leaked by iSource and confirmed to be authentic by Engadget suggests Sprint is increasing its support options for iPhone owners. According to the document, dealers and preferred retailers will offer improved in-store service for iPhone customers starting on October 15. T...

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How to be an Apple Genius: A look inside the manual

Gizmodo has gotten its hands on an Apple internal training manual for its retail Geniuses, and it's just as Apple-like as you'd expect it to be, complete with very structured, high level how-tos for creating and pushing the always unique Apple brand. It all makes sense, really: Apple is now the...

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Abvio Runmeter 5K enters Couch to 5K arena

I've been using Runmeter GPS for years as my primary walking and biking tracking tool. Today, Abvio announced its new 5K to Marathon Runmeter GPS (US$2.99), which adds run/walk training to this popular app. Training options include 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and full-marathon plans. The app is a b...

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WWDC session videos now available

For those who couldn't get out to Cupertino for this year's WWDC, Apple has made the session videos available for registered developers. Other videos going back to WWDC 2010 are available as well. There's more than 100 session videos available from WWDC 2012, so there's plenty of material to ch...

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Articulate launches Storyline authoring tool, outputs training modules to iPad and HTML 5

Learning professionals have long been familiar with Articulate's Studio line of e-learning tools. The suite allows content developers in both enterprise and educational contexts to easily leverage PowerPoint slideshows in building out interactive, scored and narrated lesson modules. The Studio ...

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Daily iPad App: Wild Chords

Wild Chords is a really amazing app -- at its absolute base, it's an excellent and easy-to-use guitar tuner, perfect for kids or adults. But the real magic of Wild Chords is in actually playing the guitar along with the main game; this game will teach you, chord by chord and string by string, h...

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Retail training video shows Apple Store behind the scenes

Here's your chance to get a humorous behind-the-scenes look at an Apple retail store. The employee-made video is an entertaining look at Apple's Steps of Service which are introduced during a new employee's Core Training. The first five steps according to the video spell out APPLE: A &ndas...

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Apple training retail managers on union awareness

CNET has obtained an internal document which details training Apple has given its retail managers on how to respond if employees unionize. Said training has likely already taken place by the time of this publication, and it's mandatory for all new Apple Store managers. According to the traini...

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Quark will host iPad publishing seminars

As noted by MacObserver, Quark is pushing the new App Studio feature of QuarkXPress 9.1 by offering designers two seminars to help them use this new publishing tool. App Studio lets designers create their own multimedia-rich iPad magazine app using the familiar interface of QuarkXpress. It incl...

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Daily iPad App: Extra Innings Mobile Instructor

Extra Innings Mobile Instructor is a training app to help you analyze a baseball swing or pitch. It records or imports video and provides you with a set of tools to mock-up the video as you critique the player's movement. You can also use the app to submit the video clip to an expert who'll ...

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Apple's training site back online, Lion certifications due this fall

For the past couple of weeks (since shortly before the Lion introduction, I believe) Apple's professional training and certification site at has been under renovation. Today it's back with a new Lion-esque look and previews of new training courses and certifications for Apple...

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