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DeskConnect delivers Mac-to-iOS quick sharing

The forthcoming AirDrop functionality in iOS 7 will deliver a straightforward way for some iPhones and iPads to quickly share photos, contacts and more. That's great -- but, aside from the fact that iOS 7 isn't yet generally available, there are a few other flies in the ointment. Even though iOS 7 ...

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iTunes Connect now allows developers to transfer apps to another developer

We've heard about all the new elements in iOS and OS X today at WWDC, and how they will change the way we use our iOS devices. There are some new features on the back side of iOS, including a major change in policy that'll let developers easily transfer an app from over developer to another via iT...

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Compelling idea for moving files from Mac to iPhone

We've all faced the difficulty of moving a file from our Mac to our iPhone. There's iCloud, Dropbox and a host of other services to help us tranfer these files, but there are no solutions as elegant as the concept devised by interaction designer Ishac Bertran. His idea for proximity-aware devic...

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Daily Mac App: DropCopy

Mac OS X Lion introduced AirDrop, which offers zero-configuration, Wi-Fi file sharing between Lion users. DropCopy offered a similar service when we wrote about it in 2007. Today, DropCopy still deserves a place on your Mac, as it does a few things that AirDrop doesn't. For one, DropCopy ca...

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Ask TUAW Video Edition: Migration Assistant

Today we discuss the Mac OS X Migration Assistant. Joe asks, "What's the best way to transfer my old data on my old MacBook to my new MacBook Pro without erasing new software on the MBP like the new iLife suite?" Well Joe, you and many other TUAW readers are going to learn about the Migration Assi...

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How to transfer game saves between iOS devices, without iTunes, and without jailbreaking

If you own multiple iOS devices, you may have noticed that syncing game saves between them is nowhere near as easy as syncing other types of data. In fact, most people probably don't even know that it's possible to sync game saves between devices. This isn't a big deal for most casual-type iOS ...

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Verizon iPhone orders already shipping

Those of you who placed your pre-order for the Verizon iPhone 4 early this morning may be in for a nice surprise tomorrow, as TUAW reader Cameron from The 9magnets Blog wrote in to let us know that his VZW iPhone has apparently already shipped. A screenshot of his order (and the corresponding Ameri...

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Verizon iPhone prep: Save your old voicemail, it's not coming with you

Thinking of picking up a new iPhone 4 for your Verizon account in the coming weeks? Macworld's review is already up, as are Engadget's, Techcrunch's and Wired's (spoiler: it's an iPhone 4!). But if you want to save any of those all-important legacy voicemails during the setup process, be sure to rea...

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Verizon Transfer app for contact migration to VZW iPhones already on App Store

In preparation for the upcoming Verizon iPhone launch, you may notice the VZ Transfer app on the App Store. The free app only works on Verizon iPhones, which means it doesn't do anything yet. But that doesn't seem to be stopping some exceptionally clever people from downloading it, discovering it d...

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iPad 101: Managing your 3G data plans

Much as I love AT&T's prepaid services, their interactive system for purchasing feature packages... well, it kind of sucks. I can't count the number of hours I have spent on their 611 purchase line trying to get the chirpy fake human at the other end (no, seriously, the robot is very cheerful an...

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The Wolfenstick app can send and recieve data through the iPhone audio port

This is interesting -- Alex Winston, Ltd. has come up with what they call the Wolfenstick, a little iPhone app that can control Wolfenstein 3D Classic with a second iPhone through the audio port. Obviously this isn't a very practical setup, as buying a second iPhone just to control games on the fir...

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How to move your iTunes library (more safely than I did)

I should say, even before I start this post, that I've moved my iTunes library from one installation of iTunes to another, and what I did was just copy everything in the /Music/iTunes folder from one Mac to the other. But that's the transfer equivalent of parallel parking a semi and stopping when it...

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VM2Go - manage Parallels machines, run them from an iPod and more

One of the signs that you've 'made it' as a 3rd party (besides, of course, having great sales) is when other 3rd parties develop tools and apps that work with your app. In this vein, VM2Go from BriteMac (which we covered when it was in beta) is apparently the first 3rd party utility that allows you...

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Dragster - drag and drop file management and transfer with a twist

Ambrosia Software, those crazy kids with the Snapz Pro X and WireTap Pro, have unveiled the latest trick up their sleeve in the form of Dragster, an interesting approach to drag and drop file management and transfer. This utility, as you can see, lives in the Dock and is more or less like a drag and...

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iLounge reviews USB transfer device

iLounge has posted a review of Hitch, a sort of USB middle man device that allows transferring files between two USB devices, including iPods. The Hitch is apparently a little slow, taking 6 seconds to transfer a 4MB song, but hey: it beats needing a computer to do it if you're a chronic swapper bor...

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