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Open source BitTorrent application Transmission updated to 2.0

Transmission, the lightweight, open source, and free BitTorrent client we've written about in the past, recently released version 2.0. Transmission was already one of the leanest BitTorrent clients on OS X, and the new version makes it even faster, with improvements to startup time, local data handl...

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uTorrent goes 1.0 for Mac OS X

uTorrent has recently been updated to version 1.0 (Windows users are up to version 2.0.2), its first major point release since going beta on Mac OS X. After living most of its life in Windows, the popular BitTorrent client went beta on the Mac in late 2008, and has seen a host of updates since then...

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Automatically open Bittorrent files using Dropbox and Hazel

Every year there is a torrent made to let listeners download most of the music for SXSW. This year's torrent has recently been posted (previous years' are also available at the same site). I don't usually use Bittorent, so I asked around for client suggestions; Transmission seems to be a favorite am...

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Transmission 1.8 released, now featuring support for magnet links

Transmission, the venerable BitTorrent client for Mac, has just received an overhaul in the form of a "huge listen-to-the-users release." From the release notes the following enhancements are included: Added support for magnet links Added support for trackerless torrents Redesigned tracker in...

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Giving or getting a Mac for the holidays? 10 apps every new Mac user needs

All new Macs come with great bundled software. Between the iLife suite, Safari, iTunes, and TextEdit, plus the ability to access and use cloud applications for free, almost all of the most basic modern computing needs get met for most users. That said, having used four different Macs over the pas...

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uTorrent for Mac beta officially released

Way back in June of 2007, rumors of a beta version of uTorrent for the Mac first started making waves. For the uninitiated, uTorrent is a super-lightweight BitTorrent client which is widely considered the best in the business. Sadly, it has remained a Windows-only option. A few months ago, an alp...

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Transmission 1.2 released

If you're a fan of the ever so popular BitTorrent client, Transmission, then you might like to hear that a new version was just released. According to the release notes some of the fixes included: You can now reset global statistics Support of multitracker torrents has been improved UPnP por...

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iPhone gets native P2P torrent software

Your iPhone plays audio. Your iPhone plays video. Until now, you had to sync those suckers. Today, the insanely brilliant iPhone Hacker core announced a preliminary version of a Transmission Peer-to-Peer client for iPhone. The code is ported from the Transmission site to run on the iPhone's ARM mic...

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Clutch provides browser control of torrents

Just yesterday, we told you about the new GUI version of Transmission. For those who prefer remote control, there's also a web UI for the Transmission daemon, called (cleverly enough) Clutch, just updated to version 0.2. Clutch is an easy way to manage your BitTorrent downloads from anywhere you can...

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Transmission shifts into 1st gear

Transmission, long available in beta form, is one of my favorite torrent clients. BitTorrent, as you probably know, is a way to transfer or share files over the internet, for free, using a 'swarm' model to speed files along. Transmission makes the downloading of those files quite stunning, with its ...

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Transmission .90 released

Transmission - the open source, lightweight BitTorrent client that is the closest alternative to uTorrent that us Mac users can get - has just released version .90. New features added in this update include: Encryption support (finally!), with an option to ignore unencrypted peers The ability ...

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Transmission 0.8 released with selective file downloads, UI changes and much more

You TUAW readers have spoken loud and clear: Transmission is your favorite BitTorrent client. If you're nodding your head right now, you'll be happy to know that v0.8 of the cross-platform app has gone official, ushering in a boatload of new features and fixes for all OSes it works on, as well as...

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Transmisison 0.71 Fixes Announce Issue

One of the things I love about OS X is the fact that for pretty much any conceivable task, there are multiple applications to choose from with which to do it. Unfortunately, this hasn't really been the case when it comes to BitTorrent clients. Yes, there may have been multiple native clients out the...

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Transmission 0.7 bittorrent client released

Almost a year after the last version, (and sporting a spiffy new icon) the open-source bittorrent client Transmission has been updated to version 0.7. In addition to numerous bug-fixes, highlights of this version include automatic port mapping, individual torrent bandwidth limits, user-ordering of t...

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Transmission 0.7 beta reviewed by Torrentfreak

The market for Mac torrent clients has been expanding quite a bit recently, and Torrentfreak has a nice review of a new beta version of Transmission, a long-standing favorite of many a Mac torrenter. While the review rounds up many of the nice new features, I'll give you the cliff notes for the sla...

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