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Two new Mac malware concerns: Tsunami and DevilRobber

As reported yesterday by Computerworld, there are two malware threats for OS X to concern yourself with (temporarily). The first, Tsunami, isn't much of a threat yet. The other, DevilRobber, may be slowing your Mac down as we speak. Here's more info on each of them. Tsunami Basically a port...

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Apple offering free repairs for iPod touches, iPhones, and Macs damaged in the Japan quake and tsunami

Apple is offering free service and repair to those Mac users who were affected by the Japan tsunami and earthquake in March. As stated in a Support & Information Services note [Japanese version/ Google-translated English version] on Apple's Japanese website, the company is offering free rep...

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Roundup of developers and apps to help Japan

The developer community is stepping up its offers of help to disaster-struck Japan with increasing ways to send money to those in need. This is a roundup of offers we've heard about -- let us know in comments of any others. Simplest of all is the offer from Japanese startup Lunascape: down...

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iPad 2 supply line affected by Japan disaster

As Japan suffers under the weight of a major tsunami and a continuing crisis with the Fukushima nuclear power plants, it's becoming clear that the ripple effects from the combined tragedies are impacting Japan's consumer electronics industry, and of course the iPad 2. Asia Times is reporting tod...

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