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Sell your videos on iTunes

Good news, everyone! TuneCore has finally introduced a video distribution option for iTunes. If you're a wedding videographer, a school play coordinator, or a computer tutorial specialist, you can now package up your video for a flat fee (60 minutes costs $550, 90 minutes costs $770, other lengths ...

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iTunes Distribution: Ten bucks for one tune

If you're an artist and have dreamed about selling through iTunes, TuneCore has a deal for you. For just ten bucks, you can deliver a single to 11 digital stores around the world. Participating stores include the US, Canadian, Japanese, Australian/NZ, and UK/European iTunes stores plus Rhapsody, Nap...

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34 Free Songs at iTunes

TuneCore is offering 34 free song downloads at the US iTunes store. No, it's not any 34 songs, it's 34 songs by artists who are TuneCore customers. TuneCore, as we've posted before, is an iTunes listing service that helps artists get their music on the iTunes Store. To get your free tracks, visit th...

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TuneCore offers iTunes Music Video sales

Earlier this year, I posted about TuneCore, a service that allows you to sell your music on iTunes. Now TuneCore has given us the heads up that the service has expanded to include Music Video sales. You can upload your music videos to iTunes and sell them alongside all the normal music labels. Sell...

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Who needs a record label? Submit your own music to the iTMS with Tunecore

Are you a musician with some tracks that deserve their time in the iTMS spotlight? No one's promising you'll make the Top Songs list, but Tunecore can at least help you take a shot. While Apple offers an online application through which you can ask them to 'consider your music for the iTMS,' Tuneco...

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