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Slayin soundtrack now available

I remain a big fan of Slayin, a little game that got released on the App Store a while ago, that compresses a full fantasy-style RPG into a fascinating little endless game. I think the game's mechanics (where you simply move back and forth across the screen, holding your weapon out in front of ...

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EverQuest Mac saved by the fans

EverQuest Mac, or EQMac, is a fascinating version of the very popular (and classic, at this point) MMO EverQuest. The title is basically an unsupported version of EverQuest, still running on Sony's servers, but a version that does not include most of the current PC game's expansions and new featur...

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Twitter prepares for iOS 5 launch

The launch of iOS 5 is right around the corner and Twitter is gearing up for an onslaught now that the social network will be integrated into iOS. So how is Twitter preparing to avoid a day-long fail whale when iOS launches? According to Twitter's engineering VP Michael Abbott, the social net...

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Apple tweets from the iBookstore

Back in January Apple created an official Twitter account for its App Store. @AppStore allows users who follow it to get the latest on App Store news and deals. 745 tweets later, Apple has decided to open up another Twitter account. @iBookstore offers followers "official updates from the U.S. i...

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Apple could use '' domain as link shortener

Following today's Ping Twitter integration, many on Twitter started blasting the overly long Ping URLs. Now, MacRumors points out that one of their readers speculates that Apple could use its own link shortener to help fit Ping links into Twitter's character limitation. The

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Starbucks expands pay-by-iPhone pilot

About six months ago, we wrote about two free Starbucks apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. myStarbucks got you to the nearest caffeinated outlet and let you build your coffee, and The Starbucks Card Mobile app replaced your physical card, allowing you to have a bar code scanned and pay for your pur...

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Send tweets automatically during a Keynote presentation with Keynote Tweet

Imagine if, as Steve Jobs moves through each slide of his Keynote presentation, he also has the telepathic powers to automatically tweet information related to the slide. But even the almighty Steve Jobs can't do that. Fortunately for him, there's Keynote Tweet. An open source AppleScript app, Keyn...

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First look: Echofon for Mac beta version

Echofon (formerly TwitterFon) has been a favorite for many iPhone users for tweeting on the go. naan studio, the developers behind Echofon for iPhone and Firefox, have brought Echofon to the Mac with a newly-launched beta version. Like Tweetie (which launched for iPhone and was later released for...

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Twinkle: location-aware Twittter client for iPhone

According to Installer, Twinkle from Gogo Apps is "Twitter plus Location." It's a Twitter client that adds photos and geolocation as well as clickable URLs and Follow / Stop Following control within the app. With it, you can find people twittering near you -- in fact it seems to be using my findme ...

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iTweet: Yet another iPhone Twitter client

Here we go again: as if Pocket Tweets, Hahlo and Twitter's own clients aren't enough, iTweet offers yet another option for quenching your Twitter lust. With a fairly different UI, iTweet's claim to fame is the ability to only download new tweets each time you refresh, saving a lot of t...

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Widget Watch: Tweet Ahead for scheduling Twitter posts

Twitter means many things to many people, but to some it is more or less a mini-blogging service, offering users a streamlined blogging platform that allows for both posting and syndication via a wide variety of methods. One downside of Twitter, however, is the inability to schedule posts ahead o...

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Twitterrific 2.1 beta brings support for Growl, multiple accounts, AppleScript and more

The Iconfactory has announced Twitterrific 2.1 beta, a meaty upgrade to their sexy Twitter client that brings quite a few new features and fixes. At the top of the list is support for Growl (don't forget to adjust your Growl settings in System Preferences, not Twitterrific), as well support for mu...

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New Twitterrific beta brings host of fixes, hint at future Growl support

The Iconfactory has announced a new public beta of Twitterrific 2.0, their killer Twitter client. Glen Wosley got a sneak peek last Friday just before the public beta was announced, and this 2.0 beta v6 update addresses a number of issues with the new version as well as dealing with Twitter's own gr...

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Twitter and Quicksilver, two great tastes

I'll be the first to admit that Twitter, which we at TUAW totally heart, isn't for everyone. Quicksilver, another TUAW fav, is also not for everyone. However, when you cross Twitter with Quicksilver and throw in a dash of Growl and you've just made it onto my Christmas card list. First Coda Hale whi...

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