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Twitter heat map shows iPhones dominate affluent areas

Mapping software company MapBox has created an incredible interactive map that highlights the devices that are used with Twitter across the world. The map looks at over 280 million tweets sent from iPhones, Android phones, BlackBerry devices and more, and plots all of that data by geographic locat...

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Kiwi offers Twitter-like browser for App dot Net

Echofon for Mac is no longer in development. TUAW's Twitter Client Project surveys popular desktop alternatives in highly subjective reviews. Sometimes the answer to Twitter clients might be to just go find another service to socialize on. Many people are now turning to App dot Net as a social o...

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New tablet owners share Christmas tweets, iPad on top

Anecdotal evidence from Twitter suggests there were a lot of new iPads under the Christmas tree. According to a graphic spotted by Andy Baio, the number of people proclaiming this is my "First tweet from my iPad" eclipses those tweeting for the first time from their Kindle Fire, Nexus 7 or Surf...

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Tweetdeck updated with themes and new fonts

Twitter clients are like political candidates these days -- everyone's got one they like, and no one really wants to hear about the ones they don't. For me, TweetDeck is still my client of choice. Even though I've heard good things about TweetBot for Mac and a few other options out there, nothi...

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Graph shows the tweets per minute during Apple's March 7 event

Twitter crunched the numbers and created a graph that shows the number of tweets per minute during yesterday's Apple press event. The tweets peak at over 10K per minute when Cook introduced the cost of the iPad, fell during the app demonstrations and climbed up to 8K when Cook announced the iPad 2...

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Twitter unveils new mobile version

It's probably fair to say that Twitter clients were the first "killer app" category for the iPhone -- Twitterific lead the charge way back when, but Tweetie came quickly after and then the flood gates were opened. But now, a late and unexpected challenger has entered the ring: Twitter themselves. Ma...

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TUAW previews Hahlo 3: the Legendary Edition

John Gruber's (and my) favorite Twitter web app for the iPhone is about to get better -- if you've been on the Hahlo for iPhone homepage lately, you'll have seen that Dean Robinson is working on version 3 of Hahlo (titled, hilariously for us gamers, the Legendary Edition). TUAW got to take a look (a...

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iTweet: Yet another iPhone Twitter client

Here we go again: as if Pocket Tweets, Hahlo and Twitter's own m.twitter.com clients aren't enough, iTweet offers yet another option for quenching your Twitter lust. With a fairly different UI, iTweet's claim to fame is the ability to only download new tweets each time you refresh, saving a lot of t...

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Twitterrific 2.1 beta brings support for Growl, multiple accounts, AppleScript and more

The Iconfactory has announced Twitterrific 2.1 beta, a meaty upgrade to their sexy Twitter client that brings quite a few new features and fixes. At the top of the list is support for Growl (don't forget to adjust your Growl settings in System Preferences, not Twitterrific), as well support for mu...

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