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Your iPhone 4S may have already shipped. Here's how to check

I've been obsessing over the Apple Online Store's "Your Orders" page for the last two days, hoping that my iPhone 4S was on the way. But all I was getting was a "Preparing Shipment" notice, not a UPS or FedEx tracking number. TUAW reader Stephen M. was running into the same dilemma, so he we...

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Early access to Verizon iPhone: One guy got his already

9 to 5 Mac has linked to video of someone who managed to finagle his package out of the local UPS distribution center and get a hold of his Verizon iPhone on Saturday. This guy's camera operator flipped between portrait and landscape orientation, so if you want to get a really good look at all of it...

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iPad Frenzy: Getting yours

If you're looking to pick up an iPad on Saturday without having pre-ordered or if you're concerned about your pre-ordered iPad arriving safely at your door, TUAW has some helpful updates for you. Ignore your tracking data. Does your iPad tracking show that it is still sitting in China? Mine does...

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Track an iPad from Shenzhen to you

There's a fun post at Silicon Alley Insider today that traces an iPad's journey from China to the customer's home. By monitoring Twitter and tracking reports, Nick Saint has assembled an iPad's typical journey to the US. It starts at the infamous Foxconn factory in Shenzhen, China. That's the "i...

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Don't panic over these iPad delivery exceptions

Lots of TUAW readers have written in today, worried about their iPad deliveries. Since they received shipment notices, many folks have been tracking their progress, and are now seeing messages like: UPS INTERNAL ACTIVITY. SHIPMENT IS HELD TO VERIFY COMMODITY DESCRIPTION WITH THE CUSTOMER FOR CO...

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iPad shipments on their way!

We've been tipped by virtually everyone with an email address that their iPad pre-orders have begun shipping from Shenzhen, China using UPS Expedited service. While the iPad isn't set to be released for another 5 days, people shouldn't get their hopes up that they'll received their iPad before the o...

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Widget Watch: Delivery Status 3.6 remembers tracking numbers, gets even easier to use

Mike Piontek can't stop making his phenomenal Delivery Status Dashboard widget cooler. As if features like compatibility with a zillion shipping services and Growl notifications aren't cool enough, a couple of recent updates have brought some handy performance enhancements and compatibility with ...

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Widget Watch: Delivery Status

I am on my Mac for about 80% of my waking day, and I drift to sleep thinking of cool things I could do with my Mac. That means that I purchase many things online. It is convenient and usually cheaper, but you do have to wait for the package to show up. Enter Delivery Status, a very cool widget from ...

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SlimBatteryMonitor goes Universal

MacBook and MacBook Pro users who hate Apple's battery status menu item can rejoice, SlimBatteryMonitor has just reached version 1.4 and is now a Universal app. SlimBatteryMonitor serves the same purpose as Apple's built in battery monitor menubar item but it takes up much less space in the menubar ...

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