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Weekend project - DIY cheap 500GB external drive

Ah, the weekend; it stretches out before you like an open field, waiting to be plowed into furrows of laundry, errands, home improvements and recreation. Of course, for us, recreation = new stuff for our beloved Macintoshes! Ready to load up that shiny new Airport Extreme with some capacious shared ...

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Boot a PowerPC Mac from a USB2 drive

We all know that the Intel Macs can easily boot from USB drives, but that was never really a viable option on the PowerPC machines. At least, that's what most of us assumed. Mac OSX Hints jumps on Yet Another Opportunity To Prove Me Wrong, this time posting a step-by-step guide to booting your Power...

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Intel Macs can boot from USB drives

Last week Dan posted about the new complications of Intel OS X drives not being bootable on PowerPC Macs, and vice-versa. The report came from Jon 'Wolf' Rentzsch, who recently updated the originating post with some specifics about booting and partition schemes, with one fairly positive detail: Inte...

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