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Running Linux on your Mac: 2013 edition

Back about this time of year in 2009, I wrote a post that's remained a venerable favorite. Entitled "How to set up Ubuntu Linux on a Mac -- It's Easy and Free," the post described in full detail how those interested in learning more about one specific Linux distro could install Ubuntu in a virtual m...

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China calls Apple's response to warranty complaints 'empty and self-praising'

Apple's products are overwhelmingly popular in the land where most of the devices are created -- China. But recent moves by the ruling Chinese Communist Party could spell trouble for Apple and other Western firms that currently command the smartphone market. The latest such move came yesterday ...

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Ubuntu One music streaming app updated with AirPlay support

Download Squad tipped us off that the Ubuntu One Music app has been updated to support Apple's new AirPlay streaming system. As such, it can now play music from your iOS device via any Apple TV or Airport Express unit on your network. Ubuntu One is a cloud storage service from the vendor of the popu...

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How to set up Ubuntu Linux on a Mac -- it's easy and free

I received a private tweet from a reader the other day, who asked a question about a previous post in which I had installed Windows 7 RC1 on a Mac using Sun's VirtualBox. The tweet asked, "You did a post about installing Win 7 on the Mac for free. How about Linux?," which set up a challenge. Not onl...

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Installing Ubuntu 8.10 on a Mac

When it comes to virtualization on the Mac, it's mostly discussed in the context of running a variant of Microsoft Windows. This makes sense; the ease of getting Windows to run within OS X (on Intel hardware) is one of the key reasons many first-time Mac buyers are migrating to Apple. However, Windo...

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Ubuntu, Yellow Dog Linux for PPC updated

Dust off those old iBooks and Powerbooks and give them new life with Linux. Earlier this week, Ubuntu released version 7.04 of their desktop and server distribution, called "Feisty Fawn." While version 6 was the last officially supported version of Ubuntu for PPC, there is a community-supported PPC ...

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Desktop of the Week for 3/25 - 3/31/07

This week's desktop is a bit of a curve ball and interesting (in our humble opinion) for three reasons. First, this isn't Mac OS X at all: it's a hot new beta version of Ubuntu 7.04, arguably one of the most popular versions of Linux with quite a bit of steam behind it for a number of reasons, wh...

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PowerPC flavor of Ubuntu becomes 'unofficial'

Attention people who run Ubuntu on your PowerPC Macs! Good, I think I have managed to get the attention of the 3 people that fall into that category. The PowerPC distribution on Ubuntu will be classified as 'unofficial' as of version 7.04. What does that mean? It means that if there are any bugs in ...

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Run Vista on your Intel Mac with Q

Parallels Desktop is all the rage in Mac virtualization these days, but it doesn't offer one major feature (yet): the ability to run Vista on an Intel Mac (believe it or not, this will be useful to many a Mac user). Sure, they've promised it's coming on their blog, but who wants to wait for Paralle...

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Tim Bray back on Mac

Remember all that hubbub about Mac geeks switching to Ubuntu? Well, Tim Bray (one of those geeks) is back on the Mac and he thinks that it beats Ubuntu, though just barely. He lists a number of interesting reasons for why one would choose OS X or some other Linux distro, all of which seem very reas...

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Editorial: Behind the MacBook "Hack"

The web has been on fire the past few days with news of a presentation given at the BlackHat computer security conference featuring the compromising a MacBook Pro by executing very low-level code on the drivers of a wireless card. Whether or not the exploit presented actually counts as hacking of a...

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PRESS RELEASE: TUAW writer bucks trend, sticks with Mac OS X

Conrad Quilty-Harper, a writer for Mac site, has decided to continue using his Macintosh computer, countering the recent trend for high profile Ubuntu switches FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom (July 26th, 2006) - Conrad Quilty-Harper, a writer for the popular Macint...

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Make Ubuntu look like OS X

Ubuntu is a Linux distro (that's distribution to you, n00b) that is almost easy enough for none techs to run on their desktops, but it isn't quite there yet. That's not enough to stop plenty of people from downloading and installing this most excellent OS on their machines (and I count myself amongs...

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The race to get Linux on Intel Macs

ComputerWorld has an interesting article up about how the various flavors of Linux are working, or not working, towards running on the new Intel Macs. Since the chips in the new Macs use the relatively new EFI (the successor to BIOS) most Linux distros will not work on the Intel Macs, yet. Ubuntu, N...

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Open source .Mac alternative?

This is pretty cool. Ubuntu, in case you haven't heard of it, is a flavor of Linux whose tagline is: "Linux for Human Beings." In other words, it is meant to be easy to use by everybody. Some Ubuntu members are planning on building a .Mac-Like service for Ubuntu that would offer Webmail, Calendar, A...

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