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Daily App: Union is a powerful image blending tool for iOS

Union (U.S. $1.99) is a very well thought out tool that brings Photoshop-type power to your iPad or iPhone. It's the most impressive image blending app I've used, and it works wonders to help you create unique and compelling images. When using the app, you first load in a background image, for ex...

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Foxconn to allow union elections

For the first time ever, Foxconn is reportedly allowing its workers to elect union representatives. A Telegraph UK report says Foxconn will hold elections for a union chairman and 20 members of the Federation of Labour Unions Committee. Elections will take place every five years. Both Foxconn...

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Apple training retail managers on union awareness

CNET has obtained an internal document which details training Apple has given its retail managers on how to respond if employees unionize. Said training has likely already taken place by the time of this publication, and it's mandatory for all new Apple Store managers. According to the traini...

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Some Apple Store employees unhappy with work conditions

Pleasant decor and friendly employees make most Apple stores seem bright and cheery. Behind the scenes, though, some stores are not as congenial as they seem, according to a report from In These Times. Three Apple employees have come forward with a not-so-happy tale of what it is like to work...

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Apple Store employee moves to create a union

The employee who formed the Apple Retail Workers Union in May has revealed himself to be Cory Moll, a part-time employee at a San Francisco Apple store. Moll told Reuters that he decided to go public with his union stance in order to encourage other like-minded employees to come forward. In ord...

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