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iPad subsidy offers lure student customers in France

France telecom operator Orange has teamed up with France's Ministry for Higher Education to offer subsidized iPads to French university students for €1 a day. The deal comes at a time when iPads are becoming recognized as a boon to students in the classroom partly due to the educational ap...

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Apple exchanges iPads for iPad 2 for Rutgers class

An Apple retail store in New Jersey has taken back an order of original iPads and replaced them with iPad 2 units for a class at Rutgers' Center for Management Development, according to Forbes. In a move bound to annoy everyone who bought an iPad just before the iPad 2 was released and found th...

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iPad passes Reed College higher ed test

Reed College took the Apple iPad for a spin in 2010 and was pleased with the tablet's performance as an educational tool. The College was one of several educational establishments that tested the Kindle DX when the eReader was launched in 2009. When the pilot program was completed, the Kindle DX ...

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The current state of Mac use in higher education

Apple used to own the Higher Education market throughout the 80s and early 90s. Apple eventually took a back seat to the lower-priced Dell product line, but all of that is changing. According to a Group Logic Inc. survey of IT professionals at 125 North American colleges and universities, use of ...

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iPads join tongue depressors and latex gloves as a hospital fixture

The next time you visit a hospital or medical clinic for a routine check or emergency, don't be surprised if the doctor shows up with an iPad in hand. The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that in several Windy City hospitals, the iPad is making inroads in a big way. The Loyola University Medical Cente...

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Higher Ed choosing sides on iPad use

Timothy M. Chester, the CIO of Pepperdine University, discussed the ongoing controversy of how higher education has and should deal with the encroachment of the iPad on campuses throughout the country. Using information gleaned from the Educause CIO listserv, he found two camps being formed, and a b...

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College offers freshmen a choice: iPad or MacBook

A few colleges offer a laptop to incoming freshmen (paid for out of their tuition, of course), but Oregon's George Fox University is, so far as we know, the first college to give students the choice between a MacBook or an iPad. According to Macsimum News, George Fox University's chief information o...

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iTunes U breaks 100 million downloads

Apple's iTunes U has broken the 100 million download mark. iTunes U is a part of the iTunes Store featuring free lectures, language lessons, audiobooks, and more from over 175 higher education organizations including Princeton University, UCLA, Harvard University, MIT, NYU Medical School, Oxford, Ca...

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Gifts for the Apple-loving college student

With Macs growing more popular on college campuses, why not get the college student in your life something they'll actually use? This gift guide is filled with things that any Apple-loving college student should want/need. For the dorm If your dorms are like most, then you might be sharing a room w...

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University handing out iPhones to freshmen

Abilene Christian University is announcing a pilot program to provide an iPhone or iPod touch to every new student. At first glance, I found myself wondering: if some colleges are providing MacBooks with tuition, doesn't an iPhone seem like a less-expensive attempt to lure new blood? Upon further ...

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Stay on top of classes with assignment planner

I've always thought keeping track of school-related courses, assignments and projects was a little clunky with apps like iCal and Entourage, and apparently Logan Rockmore agrees, so he created assignment planner. Answering the call of students everywhere, assignment planner brings a number of class...

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FairPlay: coming to a classroom near you?

We haven't talked about iTunes U here in a while, but it's been on my mind lately, as I'm heading up my U's roll-out. It's a long, tortuous process--because of our internal bureaucracy, not Apple's--but, despite the fact I haven't been talking to our official reps (the extent of those conversations ...

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Sims 2 goes Universal, Apple posts University trailer

These must've slipped past our radar, but last week Aspyr Media gave Universal Binary powers to The Sims 2. A patch has been released that will update any previous version to 1.0 Rev D. Along with UB support in this patch is also a list of fixes that I found over at Inside Mac Games, like zooming wi...

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