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Tag: Unix

I tried this one crazy trick for a translucent Mavericks dock and it worked

I love OS customization. Don't you? Ever since OS X Mavericks debuted, I've been complaining about the nearly solid dock. Finally, I stumbled across a system setting that enabled me to restore my dock to its pre-Mavericks more-translucent look. As with many tweaks, the solution depended on a Unix c...

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OS X vulnerability allows superuser access to hackers

Another vulnerability has popped up in OS X, and this time it's not Java-related. The developers of Metasploit, a software utility that makes it easier for people to abuse vulnerabilities in OSes for security-testing purposes, have added a new Unix Sudo vulnerability to their software. As OS X run...

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Timed command-line screenshots

A TUAW staffer recently asked if there were a way to snapshot the exact same region of the screen over and over at timed intervals without buying third-party software. There is, but it depends on your comfort with the command line. If you're experienced in Unix scripting, read on. If not, you may...

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The benefits of fast user switching

I've never used fast user switching on my Mac, but Rob Griffiths of Macworld presents several compelling reasons why enabling this Unix-based feature makes sense. He points out that working in a multiuser environment lets you troubleshoot issues without mucking up your current system setup. Whe...

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New command line tools in Mountain Lion manage encryption, sleep and sharing

For fans of the Terminal, Mountain Lion brought some new command-line utilities. Perhaps the most notable is fdesetup, which Apple explains briefly: "fdesetup allows third-party management tools to enable FileVault, determine encryption status, capture and manage recovery keys, and add users to a ...

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Daily Mac App: GeekTool

GeekTool was released as a free download on the Mac App Store a few weeks ago, and it's remained at the top of the download chart since. It's been around for years, and we've featured it a couple of times on TUAW, but the MAS release allows it to reach a new audience. Unlike the GeekTool of y...

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Five Dropbox tips for Mac Unix nerds

Dropbox is already a very powerful utility for Mac OS X, but if you're knowledgable in Unix, you can make it even better. Here are five ways that you can use Unix to get more out of Dropbox. 1. I wanted to update my copy of the HTML processing tool Tidy today. I was happy to find instructions for bu...

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Rudix, a lightweight way to add new Unix utilities

Rudix offers a collection of Unix utilities which do not come with OS X by default. When setting up a new Mac I always install these Unix utilities: wget, ncftp, lynx with SSL support, and the GNU Core Utilities. I compile them manually whenever possible, despite options like MacPorts or Fink. I ...

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SDK devsugar: Re-signing applications

TUAW's devsugar series helps introduce developers to tools and tricks that they might not yet be familiar with. Today's tip centers on signing already-compiled and already-signed applications with a new custom signature. A while back, I posted about a way to sign already-compiled applications wit...

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Manually schedule Software Update 'the OS X way' with launchd

In response to a Macworld article, TidBits' Chris Pepper elaborated on ways to run Software Update, Apple's means of delivering updates and patches, on your own schedule. Beginning with the fact that Software Update schedules its next update based on the time it's currently being run, setting the ti...

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Mac 10.6 comes with license to kill

The name's Leopard... Snow Leopard... and how I wish it was 10.7 instead of 10.6 so I could extend these hokey James Bond allusions further. That said, it is closer than the truth than you may think. Apple has given Snow Leopard a license to kill... but this doesn't have anything to do with espionag...

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3.0 firmware release expected at 10am PT/1pm ET, quick Terminal tip to check

Hey, iPhone 3G owners: Please do not download the 2,1 firmware files listed below. They are for the 3G S and will not work on your phone. Read the whole post for details. The correct firmware for the 3G will start with "iPhone1,2" instead. If you were up all night waiting for the new iPhone OS to ...

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ExpanDrive 2.0 expands to Amazon S3

I had to do some extensive testing before I got too excited, but after a conversation with the developers I'm pleased to announce that ExpanDrive 2.0 is out. We've mentioned it before, but to recap: ExpanDrive allows you to mount remote servers as drives directly accessible in Finder. With a comple...

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Tweets (and whatever else you want) on the desktop with GeekTool

Mat posted a while back about the magic of GeekTool -- it's an app that allows you to run Unix scripts and show logs in a good-looking pane right there on your desktop. Mac OS X Tips recently did a post about how to put your iCal events up there using a script called iCalBuddy, but industrious rea...

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Revisiting the randomized signature AppleScript, now with API goodness

When I shared an AppleScript last week which created randomized signatures using TextExpander, I promised to revisit it when the API started working again. It's working right now, but it seems to go up and down; check this link before you try the script and make sure you get a quote...

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