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Gears of War and UT3 coming to the Mac

Back at WWDC one of the most surprising things was the emphasis on gaming. Well apparently Uncle Steve and Co. were serious as Epic has confirmed that the Xbox 360 mega-hit Gears of War as well as the highly anticipated Unreal Tournament 3 are both coming to the Mac. On a video at Gametrailers.com, ...

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"One Thumb to Rule them All"

This video is just flat out amazing. Mike Phillips is a Mac gamer and writer, who just happens to have been born with spinal muscular atrophy. He's apparently only able to move his thumb, and yet that doesn't stop him from playing Unreal Tournament and World of Warcraft. This is possible thanks to...

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Unreal Tournament 2004 goes universal

Ryan Gordon, who converted Unreal Tournament 2004, has written the universal update for UT 04 that you can download here (it's a 199MB bitrottent file). According to MacSoft general manager Al Schilling, UT 04 is twice as fast on an Intel Mac that it was on its older G5 siblings. Now go get it. w00t...

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