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Mac 101: Upgrade to SSD

If you are looking for a way to get more out of your MacBook or MacBook Pro, consider a solid-state drive (SSD). SSDs offer faster data read and write speeds, fast file transfers, speedier boot times and will save you some battery life. In the past, SSDs were considered somewhat pricey upgrades an...

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Heroes and Castles updated to version 3.0

Foursaken Media's Heroes and Castles has been updated yet again, with lots of new content to play. The game, which allows you to level up a hero by defending a town and its various resources against an army of invading minions, has been popular for Foursaken already, and the team told me during ...

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Daily iPhone App: Jumping Finn Turbo provides an addictive cycle with the Adventure Time crew

Cartoon Network has been putting out some really impressive iOS apps lately under its Adult Swim brand, including the really great Monsters Ate My Condo. Jumping Finn Turbo is a new game outside of the Adult Swim banner. It's not quite as good as those offerings, but it is pretty addictive anyw...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Disappointed over AirPlay Mirroring hardware cutoff

Dear Aunt TUAW, With the new launch of Mountain Lion and its new features, I have somehow started looking at my old mid-2009 MacBook Pro with disdain. One of the features I looked forward to was AirPlay Mirroring which unfortunately my older model can't support due to hardware limitations. [T...

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Malaysia's Maxis Bhd to offer iPad data plans

Malaysia's Maxis Bhd has announced that it will be offering the data plans for Apple's iPad, starting as soon as this week. The iPad will take advantage of the company's recent carrier upgrades (presumably, since we're talking about the iPad, it's a 3G network) and will "double the download and...

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Report: iOS 5 installed on 1 in 3 compatible devices

Well, that was quick: Analytics firm Localytics says that iOS 5 is already installed on one of every three eligible devices, meaning that just a week or so after release, it's already set up and running on a big chunk of the ecosystem. Even taking the iPhone 4S out of the equation (which of cou...

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OWC unleashes Mercury Aura Pro Express 6G SSD for MacBook Air

Other World Computing has released the Mercury Aura Pro Express 6G SSD upgrade kit for 2011 MacBook Airs. The SSD releases some serious speed in the latest MacBook Air models thanks to their SATA Revision 3.0, 6Gb/s buses. The Mercury Aura Pro Express 6G will give the 2011 Airs over 500MB/s r...

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MacBook makeovers bring new life to a couple of old laptops

Last weekend provided not one, but two opportunities for me to do some upgrades to some "old" MacBooks to bring 'em up to workable condition. To start with, one client of mine wanted to get rid of an unused MacBook, so I decided to purchase it from her as a machine for training. The other client h...

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WWDC 2010: Early iPhone 4 upgrades offered by AT&T

To find out when you can upgrade without a penalty you always could dial: *NEW# on your iPhone which will generate a text message telling when you can upgrade. I just did, since I bought my iPhone 3GS the day it was released last June, that and the text message that was sent to me said that I wouldn...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Should I buy the 3G iPad?

Dear Auntie T, I was hoping you could help me decide something since I think many people will be trying to figure out the same thing. Namely, is the 3G on the iPad worth it for my purposes? I live in NYC, which has lots of available Wi-Fi. I have a laptop and I also have a Sprint mobile broadband ...

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It's a bird! No, it's an app! No, it's Tweetie 2 for iPhone!

Users of Tweetie, the popular Twitter client for both Mac and iPhone, have reason to be excited: a new version of the iPhone app, Tweetie 2 (aptly codenamed "Bigbird"), is confirmed to be on the way. In a preview of the new version, Scott Kleinberg of ChicagoNow detailed his experiences with beta...

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New iMacs and MacBooks coming soon?

Maybe so, if you believe the predictions of some analysts at Wedge Partners. They proclaim in their neverending analyst-y wisdom that in the next few weeks, Apple will again refresh its lines of iMacs and MacBooks, including a slimmer iMac and an only slightly updated MacBook. Why would Apple announ...

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Apple lists Snow Leopard incompatibilities

With Snow Leopard in users' hands for less than 24 hours, reports of software incompatibilities are coming in (as well as what's been updated). Apple has posted a list of its own to the knowledge base. The article notes that, when Snow Leopard is installed, known-incompatible software is moved to a ...

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The $29 Snow Leopard upgrade: usable for 10.4 Intel Macs as well?

Walt Mossberg has answered a Snow Leopard upgrade question that has been on just about everyone's mind. Do you need the full $169 box set if you are upgrading from Tiger? The answer is apparently no, not exactly, although that is what's required by Apple's EULA. You will be able to install the $2...

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AT&T is testing bumped-up 3G speeds

Some people may not be happy with the iPhone running on the AT&T 3G network, but at least it appears that network will be running faster. AT&T is already in advanced testing of its new faster 3G network, which was first revealed by Scott McElroy, AT&T VP of Technology Realization, in an ...

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