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Tag: Usability

Safari tops Fixya mobile browser usability scores

Fixya is a Q&A website that compiles fix-it requests for a variety of items from cars and chainsaws to routers and monitors. Recently, the site turned its attention to mobile browsers, looking through a total of 61,582 different help requests for the category to determine which browser had the...

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Usability study finds many iPad apps still need to work on their UI

The Nielsen Norman Group did a usability study on iPad apps not long after the device's debut in 2010. A year later, they've done a followup study to see how things fare today. While most apps have made big strides in overall usability in the year since the iPad's debut, many of the apps covered...

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iPad Wi-Fi issues continue to irritate

This morning, we spotted this write-up on Apple 2.0 about dealing with iPad Wi-Fi issues. Since this is the iPad's number one usability issue -- poor Wi-Fi throughput and lost connections -- users are on the prowl for solutions, even ones that may sound a little offbeat. In this case, one correspon...

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Relax, the iPad isn't going to kill the iPhone

Regardless of what some people may worry about, the iPad is not going to kill the iPhone. Why's that? To keep the answer really, really simple, it's because the iPad does not fit in people's pockets. Can the answer get any simpler than that? I'm on record as not being a huge fan of the iPhone as...

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KeyRemap4MacBook: the utility keyboard lovers have dreamed of

I'm not a keyboard-only guy; I know when a mouse makes more sense. That being said, if I can do it from my keyboard, I do. So, as a followup to my post on the handy BetterTouchTool, I'd like to point out another free utility, KeyRemap4MacBook. It's an awkward moniker, and it's not pretty, either, bu...

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Ten ways OS X rocks

Smashing Magazine does a good old-fashioned "why OS X is so much better" piece -- ok, well they're not that blatant (it's actually focused on the "top ten usability highs"), but with all of the iPhone/App Store news going around, it's kind of refreshing to see some nice, traditional Mac praise. So w...

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Silverback now available

UK web development team Clearleft has released its web site usability testing application, Silverback. In short, Silverback turns a Mac into a portable usability testing laboratory. What used to require a complicated and cumbersome set up involving several computers, a video camera, and lots of time...

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Maybe iMovie '08 isn't such a bad change after all

Many folks who were used to the array of features iMovie '06 offered were understandably upset when iMovie '08 uprooted just about everything they knew. After all, they had the figurative rug pulled out right from under them. Eric at no one sequel, however, doesn't see this as a bad thing. Eric's en...

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iPhone GUI Inconsistencies: Take 1

The iPhone offers many ways to send mail. Unfortunately, consistency is not the strong point here. You'd imagine Apple would have designed a single universally recognized "compose email" button and placed it more-or-less in the same place for each application. You'd be wrong. Here's a quick run-dow...

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AppleHound rounds up iPhone bugs

AppleHound has posted a list of all the (supposedly) reproducible bugs they could find in iPhone 1.0. There's 68 in total, and they range from various system hangs (the Phone app will hang if you start a sync while editing a contact photo) to many different UI/Usability bugs. Some of the usability b...

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Mac DevCenter: palettes or sidebars?

Following a dilemma that Gus Mueller faced when designing the UI for his latest release of VoodooPad 3, Mac DevCenter has posted a request for feedback on this most heated of UI topics: palettes or sidebars? Preferences can easily sway in either direction, and I personally miss the old-school functi...

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On improving the iPod's aging UI and experience

The iPod is the 800-pound gorilla of the DAP industry - there's no doubt about it (well, almost). In its 4+ years of existence, the player has quickly won owner's hearts because of its ease of use and seamless iTunes management experience, amongst other reasons. I personally have owned one of every ...

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Stop manually maximizing your windows

This rant about Mac OS X, multitasking and usability is brought to you by the letter Q and a disgruntled design student: I heard something snap in my head today as I sat down at the back of an art history lecture hall (where outlets are, I follow) and got to peek over the shoulder of a girl using a...

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My other issues with iWeb

Adding to the small pile of gripes with the new technology Apple is using with iLife 06, such as complaints about iWeb's bloated CSS or RSS standards and photocasting, I just developed a beef that I haven't really seen mentioned yet: the crummy new URL scheme for iWeb sites, both on and offline. Fir...

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What would you change about the menu bar?

This time around the "What would you change" topic I thought I'd forgo an actual app and post on a part of OS X; the menu bar, in fact. While I really dig the menu bar and how it works, it leaves much to be desired in the customizability department. For example: I don't know of a way to i...

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