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Dollar Store Accessories: Velcro cable zips

My Dollar Store regularly sells Velcro cable zips, offering between five and 10 for a dollar. Sometimes they're black (as shown here); other times they're rainbow-colored. The Dollar Store version was my gateway drug. When I discovered I could buy the same zips in bulk over at Amazon (100 ties for...

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Dollar Store Accessories: Tablet sleeves

Continuing with our series exploring dollar store accessories, I recently picked up a pair of sleeves compatible with original and bite sized mini iPads. Widely available at most dollar stores, low-cost sleeves provide utilitarian tablet protection. The ones I bought and tested consisted of a spon...

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Found Footage: The great taste of iPad with the delicious crunch of Velcro

Jesse notes that this is an exploration of what's possible, not a recommendation for every iPad owner. I'm not sure I would trust Velcro to hold my iPad solidly in a moving vehicle, but certainly the window or photoframe applications would work pretty well. Thanks Flint!...

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Marware announces universal Nike + iPod sensor pouch

Aside from all the pioneering DIYers out there, we've already found one retail accessory from Nike themselves that lets you use the Nike + iPod kit with any shoe, but now Marware has joined the race with their Sportsuit Sensor+ (looks like the '+' is becoming a hot new accessory to accessory names)....

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