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Tag: Video conferencing

Cisco will launch free iPad, iPhone video app

Cisco is set to launch a free iPad and iPhone video app in late October, according to ComputerWorld. The free app will allow users of Cisco's Show and Share software to upload, view, and exchange videos with each other. Show and Share, which is currently available on some Android tablets, all...

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Group video chat coming to iPhone via fring

fring is working on a group video chat implementation for its iOS and Android apps. The update will eventually allow users to chat with up to four participants on-screen at once; fring's developers are allowing users to sign up for a beta version so that they can test it out before it's officially...

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Fuze Meeting delivers multiparty video conferencing to iPad 2

The latest updates to Callwave's distributed conferencing platform, Fuze Meeting, have added a rather dramatic new feature that's perfect for iPad 2 owners (not to mention Android 'Honeycomb' tablets like the Motorola Xoom and older 'Froyo' devices): multi-party video conferencing. Meeting host...

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Apple patent frenzy: TV set-top box, Cinema Display, iChat, liquid metal

According to Patently Apple, this week Apple's been granted a storm of patents. The patents include: 1. An advanced set-top box that sounds like the superhero offspring of the current Apple TV and a TiVo set. What's new and exciting in this patent is a multiple search engine implementation that wou...

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Jailbroken iPhone 3GS gets FaceTime... sort of

Jailbreaking team iPhoneIslam has managed to enable FaceTime on a jailbroken iPhone 3GS... sort of. iPhoneIslam's app, "FaceIt-3GS," is currently available in the Cydia store, and allows users to enable FaceTime in the iPhone 3GS's Settings app. However, the functionality is quite limited. The mo...

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Rumor: FaceTime on the way for iChat and Windows

Ever since the FaceTime announcement as an 'open platform,' the question's been hanging over us: when do we expect desktop support for the new videoconferencing approach? "Soon," is what French website Mac4ever is reporting today. They have a pretty good track record, so the prediction is worth noti...

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iPhone 101: What you need to know about FaceTime

FaceTime for the iPhone 4 is a lot of fun. It's the simplest implementation of video conferencing I've seen, because it is basically a no-configuration feature. Here's some tips to would-be FaceTimers: First, make sure FaceTime is enabled. Tap 'settings' on your new iPhone, scroll down to the ...

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iChatAgent process shows up in iPhone OS 4.0 -- video conferencing coming?

As expected, Apple didn't introduce any new iPhone hardware today; knowing Steve Jobs & co., they still want to save some surprises when they unveil the 4G iPhone later this summer. Could one of those surprises be a front-facing camera with iChat support? Close TUAW reader AW sent us this s...

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Another iPhone video conferencing rumor surfaces

There's been many rumors pointing to the possible inclusion of video conferencing in the next-gen iPhone -- everything from faceplate photos to code embedded in the iPhone SDK itself has set off our rumor radar. This latest rumor from site Redmond Pie tends toward the weaker end of the spectrum as f...

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Patent suggests location-based social networking for iPhone

Imagine you and a friend are on a phone call, and both of you own iPhones. You're trying to meet up somewhere downtown in a city neither of you know very well, so the best answer you can give your friend when he asks, "Where are you now?" is "Uhhh..." followed by several seconds of silence. It's alr...

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January 1 reflections on my favorite things

January 1 is always a little strange. A quiet time after a night out, a time to take the tree down and deal with all the green light cords that started out so neatly applied and wind up a tangled maze of complexity. Time to get rid of all the holiday wrappings and hope the trash pickup is soon. I...

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CamCamX: Spice up your video chats and get more out of them

For those who want to spice up their video conferences and would like to use their iSight (or other webcam) with more than one application simultaneously, CamCamX might just be the app for you. Offering an old-school UI for mixing movies and images into your video conferences, CamCamX allows you ...

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Skype w/video leaked, will destroy your Mac

According to a Skype developer, an old and unstable version of Skype for Mac has been leaked onto file sharing networks across the globe. If you spot this file, do not download it! "It is an internal unstable development version, and thus it is extremely buggy" and "it will destroy your contacts and...

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