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Tag: Vimeo

iPhone 101: How to add Facebook, Twitter, and other social network accounts to iOS

Apple has made it easy for iOS owners to share content across their social networks thanks to the integration of services like Facebook and Twitter into iOS itself. You can download Facebook events into your iOS calendar, upload videos to Vimeo from the Photos app and share links in Safari. It's v...

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Shortcat: Spotlight for your screen

It comes as little surprise that OS X supports many flavors of user interaction, nor that certain users gravitate towards certain input styles. For example, there are trackpad wizards who beckon with careful gestures and there are mouse users who prefer to point with their cursor. And then there ...

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DivX Stash is a new free service that lets you get control of your online video viewing

DivX Stash is an interesting and free service that lets you collect your favorite YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo and videos from other sources and keep them in a central library. The service is in beta. You can create custom playlists and watch them on any iOS device with a free app or on your Mac. If ...

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Hands on with Tokens for Mac

Keeping on top of your promo codes can be a big hassle. Most developers end up with text files by the dozen or complicated spreadsheets. You want to know when items were issued (they expire in four weeks), who they were shared with (so you can follow up with potential reviewers) and how many re...

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Vimeo iPhone app update makes uploading, sharing easier

Frequently in the world of iPhone apps, simpler is better. Developers who try to cram too much functionality into the limited space on an iPhone screen find that users are baffled when trying to navigate their apps. Vimeo, the popular video-sharing site, has just updated its iPhone app for the be...

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Vimeo 2.0 adds native iPad UI, Vimeo music store integration

Vimeo has updated its video-viewing app to version 2.0, providing new user interfaces for both the iPhone and the iPad. The iPad version is a now native app, and the iPhone version has been tweaked to be easier to use, which is always nice. The app also now lets you shoot and create projects, and ...

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Vimeo for iPhone doesn't disappoint

Vimeo released an official iPhone app yesterday, and it does not disappoint. As a 1.0 release, it's impressive. Consider it a one-stop shop for watching, recording, editing and delivering video to Vimeo. There are a few bumps in the road, but all-in-all Vimeo for iPhone is a solid offering. Here's...

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Vimeo for iPhone now available, features video editor

Vimeo expanded its video hosting service to include an iPhone application today. The new mobile application is integrated tightly into the Vimeo service and lets you easily edit and manage your existing video content as well as add new content recorded on your iOS device. The Vimeo applicatio...

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TUAW first look and giveaway: Courier simplifies Mac media sharing

Sharing your files, photos, movies, and images with others through online services can sometimes be a hassle for Mac users. For some of us, it's possible to get all of the various interconnections between services set up in such a way that one tweet sends a photo to Facebook, Flickr, and a variety ...

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Royalty-free H.264 is a big win for HTML5, big loss for Flash

Update: Mozilla responds, saying that by 2014 (when the original fee-free license for H.264 would have expired) chances are the codec won't be relevant anymore. So far, one of the main arguments against widespread implementation of HTML5 video has been the uncertain licensing future of the H.264 ...

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Vimeo embeds now working on iPad, iPhone

[Note: While most videos on would play back on iDevices prior to this update if watched on the Vimeo site, the new 'Universal Player' embed code should allow publishers and website developers to include compatible embeds on their sites. Vimeo does not provide mobile versions of every vi...

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The iPad makes a pretty good skateboard, too

We've seen an iPad blended and microwaved, so why not turn it into a skateboard, right? That's exactly what did, and you can watch the results above. Does it stand up to the skater scrutiny? Yes and no ... okay, mostly no. The screen surprisingly breaks right away, and the form factor see...

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Try out Clipstart, win an iPhone

Clipstart, a handy little Mac app for cataloging your small video clips and sending them to Flickr and Vimeo, has been out for a little while now. If you own an iPhone, Flip video camera or any device which has left you with an accumulation of video clips, it's worth a look. It's something like iTun...

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Found Footage: Unboxing goes a wee bit wrong

Vimeo user UnBoxedLunch brings us this hilariously botched unboxing of an Apple Remote. Thankfully, no hospital visits were necessary as a result. As someone who professionally designs packaging, I'll know I've reached the apex of my career when someone destroys a container I've designed, and c...

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Found Footage: Quicksilver in real life

When I posted about Mac apps in real life a while back, the number one request I heard in the comments was for Quicksilver. And it wasn't very surprising-- who wouldn't love to implement Quicksilver's genius and simplicity in some way for the real world? And now, Matt McInerney's done it-- he's...

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